Today we are going to be going over the differences between optimists and pessimists. Which one do you truly want to be

Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Jenks tumbling lessons Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts Coulton cruise and rusty breaths slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right, so Saturday was the Osu graduation and still water and my brother was there. So I want to give a shout out to um, Cooper. He’s been on our Jenks tumbling lessons podcast before but he just graduated from Osu it with a business degree, so we’re super proud of him. But the reason why I’m bringing this up in this podcast is because there was a speaker there, um, at the graduation ceremony and that speaker gave a, an amazing quote from Winston Churchill and I’ve used this like all week already. I’m a pessimist, sees difficulty in every opportunity, but an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty. Nice. I like it. Good. Good quote. Need it on the wall. We’re gonna, we’re gonna put it up on the wall for sure. So with that quote, let’s go ahead and get into the definitions of what an optimist and a pessimist actually is.

Yes. So first an optimist is a person who tends to be hopeful and confident about the future or the success of something. Hmm. That’s, that’s who you want to be. Jenks tumbling lessons. That’s one. We’re looking for tumblers. Those are what we’re looking for. But now on the other side, a pessimist as a person who tends to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen. And we see those kids all the time. And sadly, yes, a lot of tumblers come in with that, that pessimists attitude. Yeah. Cause they’ve seen so many videos of fail videos or they’ve, they just have that negative to where before they even try the skill, they’re almost giving up to where they haven’t even, they’re already defeated before they even put any effort into the skill.

Yeah. So in that quote, um, where it says the pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. So take that as like a backhand spring or maybe you’re working your Jenks tumbling lessons layout or something. So many kids hate layouts. So that aisle, that’s a perfect example. Um, instead of seeing that that layout suck. Oh, they hate, I hate layouts, they don’t feel good. Um, I just kind of throw them over. They don’t look good. Take that as a challenge and an opportunity to be one of the very few kids who master a layout to the point where it’s so clean and that it’s easy where you don’t hate them anymore. See that as an opportunity, almost a challenge. Um, and then, and then like, like I said, that that optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty no matter what it might be. Even if we put you on a weird drill that you haven’t done before, see that as an opportunity, um, to overcome that difficulty and to, uh, to get something out of that drill that will push you further and, uh, and, and just take our Jenks tumbling lessons word for it.

Absolutely. So going over both as an athlete than an optimist, tumbler and a pessimists tumbler. Um, what are some qualities you see in optimistic tumblers?

Well, we’ve, we’ve mentioned it before. Um, the Alpha athlete, they want more, they strive for more. They don’t, um, they don’t just sit there and in line or lay down. They are constantly doing a drill that maybe we haven’t even put them on, but they’re doing it because they know how to do it. So they, they know that that makes them better. And so they, they, they go the extra mile. I’m an optimist. Will, even if they’re tumbling is bad or off, they’ll still keep a positive attitude knowing that the next one will be better, can be better. Yeah,

definitely. Um, I feel like we’ve talked about those athletes, the three traits we say every tumbler should have. I feel like I’m an optimist. We’ll have those traits without a doubt.

And maybe not have mastered those traits, which, which for you guys who aren’t with us on this, the traits, it’s fearlessness, determination and coachability. And, um, I feel like you’re exactly right that, that an optimist, we’ll have those qualities but maybe not have mastered each of those qualities but are open to learning and, um, the coachability aspect absolutely fits in with the optimist point of view. Now what do you see in pessimists?

Oh, and we get these a lot. These are the kind of the athletes who it seems like their parents want it more than they do and they don’t want to be there. Uh, they look miserable the second day come in. Um, there, those athletes who are, if they are in a good mood, if we give them a little critique, it just shuts their day down. And just like, it seems like we’re picking on them when it’s, it’s our Jenks tumbling lessons job. That’s exactly what we have to do. Um, the athletes that never want to go back and work on a scale or on a, uh, old skill or something that they need to fix in their tumbling. Um, these are the tumblers who gets stuck on one skill for a very, very long time.

And then and then a lot of times if they ever do pass that skill, then they get stuck on the next one because that’s another mountain that they have to overcome.

And they’ve literally see it as out there like Ah, why, why even get over this one? Cause then I got to learn that well it’s a part of the sport. It should be exciting to move on the next lily. There should be that drive to where you’re wanting to work. Like those athletes we talked about who always want to work at home and want to do extra stuff at home just because they want to get to that next skill as quick as possible. Um, so find knowing which one you are and being honest with yourself about which one you are, an optimist or a pessimist. And then working from there, trying to, if you are on that more on that pessimistic side, trying to over the next few weeks look at the positive and you’re tumbling. Look at the, when you’ve given a new drill, don’t look at it as a, I got to try this and now, like be excited to try something. Yeah, yeah,

yeah. You know, with this generation of athletes, um, you kind of grow up and in this world of negative, you know, fail videos and like the success isn’t celebrated nearly as much as, you know, watching funny fail videos or, or, um, you know, when, when one celebrity makes a mistake, they blast it for the, for the whole world to see. And so it’s, it’s hard. I, I can’t imagine growing up in this time right now with so much hate and negativity towards everything. Um, you know, you make one mistake and, and you’re put on Youtube for the world to see. And, and that’s, I, I, we never grew up with that. So everybody has their phones, everybody has their phones in their, their recording and, and you’re being watched. So that’s four for you in this generation, that’s such a big accomplishment to overcome that hateful, negative attitude, which the world is kind of pushing upon you already. So use that as a challenge. And be the best that you can be and not have such a negative outlook on what you’re doing. Um, because everybody is their own worst critic. Every time I tumble, every time I look in the mirror, you know, I’m, I’m seeing something wrong with my face, but that’s just the world telling me that there’s something wrong with my face. It’s, it’s, it’s what you bring to the table in your personality, being as positive as you can and, and being as optimistic as possible.

Yes, it’ll, it’ll do worlds for your tumbling and just for yourself,

not just, not just humbling, just being as positive as you can, um, in every aspect of your Jenks tumbling lessons life. And, and it will, it will bring you lots of success. And if you don’t succeed, then you’re at least able to get yourself up and dust yourself off and keep going. And it’s not like tearing you down and destroying you as a person.

No, I’d just, this we always tell everybody it’s a judgment free zone. You’re supposed to be there to have fun. Like we want it to be a fun environment. So pessimists really don’t fit in our very well. It’s, it’s kind of an off environment for them because we are completely opposites in your boat. Yeah. Optimists, we’re always looking for the best and people’s tumbling. Even if it’s the worst pass in the world, we see like the good in that passage as well. If they’ve had to have done something good. Um, and we’re always wanting to move to the next scale of we’re wanting to the athlete to get that skill because the happiness that comes with getting that skill and then, yeah,

moving on. And we’ve done, we’ve done, we have had lots of Google reviews, lots of video reviews, um, and, and just new people coming into the gym and we asked them, you know, what do you think is, what is different about, uh, justice tumbling company? And the one, one of the things that I always hear is just the, the environment. The atmosphere is so uplifting and um, and positive. And I love that because that’s what we’ve kind of constructed to d being less of an atmosphere and more of just like the justice culture. Um, so be as positive and optimistic, as optimistic as you can, whether it’s with your parents or your siblings or especially your tumbling, but you know, your homework, your Jenks tumbling lessons. Um, just life in general. This is, we are so blessed to live in this country at this time with so much technology and, and we just, we need to have a positive outlook on our life because we’re, it’s a, it’s a blessing.

Absolutely. And it’s, it’s easy to be in a bad mood. Yeah. Tumbling isn’t easy. I, we tell that could take kids all the time. Yeah. It’s so much harder to just like put on that smile no matter what you’re going through that day. Fake it until you make it. Yes. Smile. Have a great day. It’s a beautiful day out. Yeah. Yeah. Look at the positive in life and in your Jenks tumbling lessons tumbler. Yeah,

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