Welcome back to another frequently asked questions. This is number eight, and we’re going to be going over some questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis.

Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your Jenks tumbling lessons hosts Coulton cruise and rusty breath slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right, now we’re going to start off with a question number one, obviously because you don’t start anywhere else. Um, and this question was actually brought up last night in the middle of Jenks tumbling lessons class. Um, I initiated the conversation but a rusty, go ahead and give our listeners the, uh, the question number one.

Yes. During, I think it was during a class yesterday, I had a athlete, Colton was working, come up and ask, hey, can having a boyfriend mess up your tumbling? Um, and the question is yes. I mean like everything else, it’s a change in your life. If you let it mess up your tumbling. Absolutely. Um, did ANA’s, was standing right next to me when she asked and he said yes in the past, him having her girlfriend messed up as tumbling, having a certain girlfriend that wasn’t good for him, that was drama. When things like that, uh, definitely can mess with your tumbling mess with the, your mindset and what’s important, what your goals are. Um, it seems to happen with athletes who wear their heart on their sleeve who are very emotional, like definitely can even having a, a good relationship can let that take over and lose sight of their tumbling and what is important to them.

And we, we seen it countless times where, uh, you know, something weird starts happening in, um, uh, girls tumbling or whatever and uh, or boy and I’m the only change that has happened within like the past, like week or month or something like that is that they get a new boyfriend and, um, it’s not necessarily meaning that the, uh, the boyfriend is bad. Um, or that it’s an unhealthy relationship. But, um, the anticipation of waiting for you to get a text back or a snap back or, um, you know, whatever it might be, thinking about that boyfriend while you’re supposed to be tumbling, um, and focusing on your tumbling, uh, can really throw a girl off. And, and it happens. We like if, if it’ll just be like a random guest. And I, and I talked to this girl last night about it and I said, uh, you know, what has changed?

What has, what has made the difference? And, uh, I was like, have you, do you have a boyfriend? And she said, yeah. And I said, well, how long have you been together? And she said, for about, for about three weeks. And Lo and behold, that’s about whenever her tumbling started changing. And, um, she actually regressed. She kind of stopped coming to classes. Um, she went to another gym, um, but she also got a boyfriend and, uh, her, her focus was waiting on a snap from that boy. And she told me that. And so that anticipation, your focus, not focusing on yourself and your own tumbling is going to throw you off. It’s just going to happen.

No, and I, I mean like you said, we’ve seen it otherwise where she was at almost two classes a week and then yeah, she disappeared for a little bit. Yeah. Um, same thing. I’ve had athletes who kind of aren’t in the boys yet. They’re at that age where boys don’t matter. They’re in the gym like five days a week, four days a week. And then when they hit that age, they just disappear. They’re at and maybe in the gym at once every other week if lucky because that’s what becomes the priority now is like the popularity or looking for a relationship are starting to get into boys or girls. How’s that happens with boys too? Um, so yes, like everything else you need to decide what’s important to you, what your goals are and especially when you’re in the gym, make that your main focus. There shouldn’t be anything else on your mind, especially with how hard and dangerous tumbling is. There’s really no room for your mind to be on something else. So when you were in the gym, make sure you are focusing on the task at hand.

Absolutely. Or else, I mean you’re flipping end over end at like 15 miles an hour. So don’t let your, your brain, your mind wander onto other things. We just spent like five minutes talking about a boyfriend. So clearly there is a reason why, um, we brought this up. It is, it is something to be aware of. No

question number two, the doctors said I shouldn’t Temble can I anyways,

well, this comes with a disclaimer because we are not doctors and uh, we will never pretend to be doctors and, um, we get this question a lot from those Alpha athletes are those athletes that want to, all they want to do is just get that next skill. Um, and they think that for whatever reason, the information the doctor gave them was a lie or something. I don’t know. Um, but uh, absolutely not. If the doctor tells you not the tumble, you do not tumble. You do not do anything until the doctor tells you that it’s okay. And um, we can work into progressions back up to what you are doing once the doctor gives you that. Okay. But, um, if, you know, if the doctor says, you know, it’s up to you your own pain tolerance, then okay, we can work with that. But if the doctor tells you not to tumble, do not tumble. Um, absolutely nowhere.

No reason to Russia, no reason to try to get started a few weeks early. Um, doctors go to school for a long time, then they have a lot of knowledge. They’re not as telling you something because they feel like they’re telling you the same thing we tell our Jenks tumbling lessons athletes were telling you the technique has it works the same thing. They, they go to school, it’s been proven. So they are telling you not to do it because they’ve seen what happens when you do. Yeah. When people don’t take their advice

in too many moms have come up to me and she’s like, her doctor just doesn’t know cheerleading. Do they just don’t know tumbling. Um, and I’m just thinking, yeah, but they know a lot about everything else in your body. And so trust your doctor, you know, if you want to get a second opinion, they’ll get a second opinion. Um, but do not rely on a coach to tell you whether you should tumble or not. That’s a, that’s a terrible idea

for your longterm Jenks tumbling lessons tumbling career. It’s not worth it to try to get started a week earlier reinjury or herself and then have to sit out for months. And it’s just, that’s the risk versus reward isn’t there? You can definitely be conditioning. There’s stuff you can be doing that isn’t tumbling, that can still progress your Jenks tumbling lessons skills. That’s going to be just as important as throwing the actual skills. So if you are coming back from an injury, um, do what the doctors said, do extra conditioning. There are other things you can do. So ask your Jenks tumbling lessons coach, what can I do instead of tumbling since the doctor hasn’t released me yet?

Bingo. All right, so this next question is what can my daughter do at home to progress? Now we’ve answered this question before on our Jenks tumbling lessons Faq section, uh, series, whatever you want to call it. Um, and so now we’re going to take a different look at it and we’re going to ask the question, what shouldn’t your Jenks tumbling lessons athlete be doing at home?

And we’ve kind of gotten stuff that are a little bit too, um, cause I hadn’t, she’s just starting out learning backhand springs on all that. And she, the mom actually said, can she just work it on the trampoline? And I had to sit there and tell her what we’ve talked in the podcast.

We have a big, we have a big spiel about trampolines and if you haven’t ever been to our Jenks tumbling lessons gym, um, but you’ve only listened to these podcasts and obviously you know that, but if you haven’t been to our gym before, and this is like your first Jenks tumbling lessons podcast, we are, um, highly against trampolines where we’re like one of the, I think the only tumbling gym in the Tulsa area without a tumble track. Uh, and, and we kind of chose for it to be that way. Um, the, the, you go ahead. Go ahead. This is your question, answer it

now. Uh, definitely not working. Especially when you’re in that learning stage, it’s, it’s not going to benefit that athlete just getting up there and just launching herself backwards when she’s still learning the basics and learning how to perfect that backhand spring. Um, like we tell everybody, wait until you’re that skills mastered and then practice that on. But even then, round trampolines that most people have aren’t designed for tumbling. So it’s a lot of, if you’re as tall as me, can’t fit your correct size back handspring on a circle trampoline. So if you are taller and you’re trying to train back springs on a trampoline, more than likely you’re forcing yourself to do them short so you don’t go flying off the end of the trampoline. So training technique on a trampoline, especially one of those circular ones, is not going to benefit you at all.

Well, and here’s, here’s this like, so we’ll break this down. Barney style for you. Okay. Listen, if you look at a trampoline and you, you, you look at the, the pat at what, what does it call the, the net or tarp? The tarp, the dark that you’re jumping on the bed, the trampoline bed, that’s the word I was looking for. Um, and then when, when you jump on it, look how far your body actually goes down. And so that is a completely different timing than what you would do at all on the floor or spring floor. Even on the air track, the timing is so completely different. And then you dip as low as you can, probably about two, two or three feet. Um, and then it throws you up. But the problem is that everybody wants to throw their head back because of the timing is so slow on a trampoline. They throw their head back and they get this crazy, um, uh, moon gravity type of backtuck that we’ll work on the trampoline but doesn’t on the ground. So whether it’s Tuck or backhand springs, do not get on that trampoline. Um, and until you have mastered it and even then be super, super careful because if you’ve mastered it, what’s the point of doing it on a trampoline, it might feel cool, but it has a, there’s, there’s a possibility that could mess you up.

Yeah. If it’s mastered, you should be able to throw it down on the grass where you don’t have to worry about not having enough room or it feeling dramatically different than it’s going to feel on the floor. Um, so no, no trampolines, like I told that parent, there are tons of things she can do. Um, handstand is one of them holding hands, hands against the wall. You do a handstand and almost everything you’re doing tumbling. And she hasn’t mastered that handstand yet. So I told her I could care less about the backhand spring right now until she can do that handstand every time because I’ve had heard working it against the wall, but in warmups she’s not able to kick and hold a hand or even not even hold, just kick without falling over. So yes, handstands against the wall are important for strength, but you shouldn’t have to have a wall to keep you from falling over. I was like, I told that mother in every warm up, we do mean she wants to be

on her school team and we do their school teams tumbling and every class and every school tumbling. We do warm ups and in those warm ups we do handstands. So I had told her mom, and she’s the only one that’s falling over in the handstands than she probably should be. Working hand stands more so than her backhand spring. Absolutely. You know, there’s, there’s something that kids when it, before they start tumbling, they don’t get a lot of stretching in their arms and their shoulders. So if you don’t have that flexibility to keep your arms by your ears when you’re upside down, it’s going to be disastrous for when you’re throwing actually backhand springs. Um, so you can hold bridges. There’s a, there is a stretch that I like to do where you put your hands on top of the table and then you kind of like sit on your knees and then try to push your nose to the ground. That flexibility helps tremendously in backhand springs. Um, but you get there by doing handstands. So you want to always get that hand stand nice and strong before you move on. Um, and then even if you’re doing Laos and foals, keep doing handstands, keep it up. I don’t care what level you are that holding a correct handstand against the wall

isn’t going to help you in some way, shape or form. And for advanced athletes who say that is too easy there, I mean, there are other hands into a handstand. Pushups do press handstands, there are advanced hand stands that you can do that will dramatically condition you. Like pressing on sands are not easy by any means. So continue to condition your hands stands at home

and, uh, if there’s a skill that you’re working on that we haven’t covered, ask us. And, um, we will definitely give you some, some conditioning or homework that you can do at home if you’re just, you know, dying to get out and do something. So if you’re interested in finding out more about us, you can check out our Jenks tumbling lessons website. It’s justice tumbling co.com.

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