Welcome back to another exciting edition of weekly update the segment where we give you guys some ideas of what happens throughout the week. And elaborate on that. Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts Coulton cruise and rusty breaths slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Okay. First off, we want to give a big shout out to all those moms out there. Uh, this is our mother’s Day edition of our weekly update and, uh, all the moms who, you know, take your kids back and forth to practice and obviously including both of our moms, Tammy and Betty out there, shout out

and our wives and our wives or kids when we’re working on for Lilly.

Absolutely. So, um, you know, with, with, uh, with mother’s Day being here this week, um, it’s, it’s a good time to sit there and realize that, you know, mom’s a moms do so much for us and um, whether it’s bringing you back and forth the plat practice or actually paying for all of your practices, your privates, all that stuff. Um, just give her a big hug because they truly deserve more than just one day. But we’re definitely thankful for all those mothers out there.

Absolutely. That’s what I had wo one of my kids in our  class, she’s a senior and obviously drive herself, but her mom still comes to every tumbling comes, watches are tumbled just cause she loves it. And when she does make that college team, that’s a mother that’s probably going to be at every college game watching her daughter cheer. That’s exactly how my mom was. And we had our Jenks tumbling lessons grand opening in. My mom just showed up, wasn’t, I didn’t invite her, but she just showed up. The shoes there were support and so your mother’s will follow you the rest of your Jenks tumbling lessons life and it’s great.

So happy mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. Um, again, we are so thankful for you and, and all that you do. Um, so the second part of this weekly update, we’re going to be talking about trying something different.

Absolutely. If you’ve been at the same skill for a long time and you’ve been trying the same drills or same technique and something just isn’t clicking, it’s not about technique isn’t working for you. Uh, and your coach tells you to try something different, try it. Um, if you, like we said, if it’s been going for months and months and nothing has worked, maybe that’s something new is exactly what you need and how to private. We’ve been working on a full for a very long time. We’re

just, just to clarify, we’re not talking about trying something new as in moving onto another skill. We’re talking about trying something different for that specific skill.

Absolutely. Yeah. It’s not just ignoring and trying to move on now. Sweep it under the rug. Yes. The, do you need those skills? You need to follow a progression. So, I mean, she’s a high school athletes or she needs a full on hard floor. Um, she’s been ever since you started them husband spinning, right. She round offs, right. That’s the way that’s comfortable for her. Um, we’ve tried belly drill, we’ve tried drills, we’ve done me standing on the opposite side. We’ve tried to house, nothing has worked except yesterday. We tried going to the left. She’s already spun to the right, tried going to the left, um, went belly drill was fine and then spending all the way through it. The technique issue she had going right. We’re a lot easier for her to fix going left and she’s a little bit different because she has shoulder issues, some sort of, it’s a shoulder disease, something she was going to. Yeah. And she can’t stretch all the way along on her left shoulder. So trying to spend right using her right arm as hers, that arm and left arm as her spin arm, um, was messing her up when I needed to be opposite. The left arm had to be the sun arm because the arm can’t really get all the way by her ears. I’m spending until the right was always an issue for her.

Now, we’ve recently talked about it on a podcast that um, that spinning left or right is all up to the individual, um, and has nothing to do with what hand you write with or how you hurdle. Um, I write with my right hand but I hurdle with my left leg. Um, and so just be aware that you know that those things are not concrete. Like you might be able to learn with to write with your left hand if you’re right handed. But writing with your right hand is always going to be the natural thing for you to do. Spinning. I mean it’s different. Your, you might have to change up things a little bit just to fit your specific style of tumbling.

And after you’ve been going one way for a long time, it’s definitely not easy to change. No, no, no. Shout out to her. That was awesome that she,

um, not only at trusted you to spin a different way, but um, that she did it well and that she did it right and she didn’t freak out. She didn’t, you know, get all dramatic. Yeah,

yeah. Last private, just kind of kidding around. I was like, Hey, we should, you know, maybe try going to the left that might work. And she was like, yeah, but last private she came in and she was, it was her. She was like, yeah, I think I want to try to spin left. And it worked out. So there you try something new. Yeah. Um, definitely try the technique that coach is giving you a, if that is not working, talk to your coach. We tell every athlete, there’s always another way to explain something. There’s always another drill. There’s always something in the technique that we can tweak to see if it works better for that athlete. Um, but communicate with that coach, communicate with your Jenks tumbling lessons coaches so you can all be on the same page and move forward.

[inaudible] it’s really all about, and this is something that we bring up with every single podcast almost. Um, your attitude, uh, specifically will guide you towards your future. Um, so if you have a bad attitude and you, you’re thinking, oh, this drill is stupid, I’m not going to do this, this isn’t going to work, then it’s definitely not gonna work. Um, you have to be willing to stay open and positive about those skills and, uh, and that’s where you’ll reap the benefits from it. So don’t come into it with a bad attitude. Um, which kind of takes me into our next, uh, subject of this weekly update, which is an individual athlete who we have both worked with. She is positive whenever she’s not working tumbling, but whenever she is working tumbling, um, even whenever she hits what she’s supposed to, she’s still super negative about everything that she does.

I mean here, like it doesn’t matter if I tell her or a frosty tells her that she did a good job. She will always just stand up with this nasty, like sour face. Like she’s so unhappy with what she did. And so I had this conversation with her just yesterday. I was like, you don’t even seem to have fun anymore. Like all, I’m, she was in a class and I was looking at these other girls who were in the class and they were enjoying themselves and learning and getting new skills. Um, and then I was like, you, you never come with that attitude. You never come to have to have fun and enjoy yourself. And that’s a problem. And we, we, so we had a, uh, we had a podcast way, way early on, I think one of our first Jenks tumbling lessons somewhere within our first 10 Jenks tumbling lessons podcasts, which is about, um, what to do whenever tumbling isn’t fun anymore. And you really have to sit down and think about, um, what it is you truly want because I think she loves cheerleading. I think she just has stopped caring about, about tumbling. She’s been through so many different coaches and, uh, even though she landed her standing tech for the first time, just a couple, uh, there’s still like last week or a couple of weeks ago, um, she still has no positive attitude and that doesn’t help you get those skills back.

No, absolutely. When you’re, it’s a lot harder to learn and progress your Jenks tumbling lessons skills when you are having about attitude and when it’s, when you’re having fun things as kind of come more naturally. Um, I know the athlete you were talking about and same thing in her running tumbling, she has a short round off and our Jenks tumbling lessons, I remember months ago I tried to have her just stretch out around, off and she threw a fit and said it messed up your timeline, all that. I’m like, well you, you Ha, you’ve grown, you have a short round off. That’s the issue with your running. You’re going to have to fix it eventually. And it was one of those athletes who just didn’t want to take the time to step back and go. So just like trying to progress with what she has. And it’s always hard when they don’t want to take that step back.

Well, and, and she’s not the only one. We, we constantly are getting new athletes from other gyms, um, where they weren’t taught the proper technique from the very beginning. And so even though that might, that athlete might be able to throw layouts, doesn’t mean that we want her to, or him to in our Jenks tumbling lessons gym specifically. Um, there’s, there’s too many things that you learn in basics that sets you up for success, for layouts and Tucks and, and fools or whatever it might be. But all the time I have kids come in who’s like, yeah, I was working, I was working full days with this coach over, over at this gym. And I, and I just don’t understand why or how, um, because everything else, they’re like blocking on a tuck or, you know, uh, just stopping for no reason. And so the progressions is what gets you through it. But your attitude, uh, you have to be willing to have the attitude to step back and do some groundwork, do some foundation work, um, so that you can come back and bounce back even quicker.

Yes, it’s taking that step back is never fun, but it, it’ll, it’ll help you. Everybody needs it. Everybody has something they can work on in their technique. Uh, my backhand springs, my arms. I’ve always been wide and trying to fix that, still trying to fix that. That’s always something to work on.

So with that, let’s give you guys a challenge and try to be the most positive that you can be every single day you come into the gym. Um, you never hear of someone getting rich or successful doing something they hate or doing something that it makes them miserable. So, um, they find something that they love and they stick to it. And that’s our Jenks tumbling lessons challenge to you. If this is something that you love, then that’s the passion. That’s the attitude you need to come in with every single day that you come in to tumble.

Absolutely. Yeah. You’re, everybody’s allowed to have bad days. Um, if something is stressing you out when you walk into our Jenks tumbling lessons gym, leave it out the door. Let that be your place to kind of de stress and kind of have a better day. They’re like, let that be what improves your day is getting new skills and, or fixing an old skill. Let that be what is gonna make you positive the rest of the day.

And, and use that time to focus on yourself, not, um, the people are the, the things in life that is stressed you out that day. So focus on you and, and um, be the best that you can be in that moment. Be All there. Be focused and be driven. So if you’re interested in finding out more about us justice, timberland company or Colton and rusty, you can check out our Jenks tumbling lessons website. It’s just as tumbling co.com

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