Welcome back to another segment of honest with Kadana. So this is part two.

Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Jenks tumbling lessons Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your Jenks tumbling lessons hosts Coulton cruise and rusty breadth slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Honest with Kadana us. This is the, the weekly segment where we pull Kadana us in, we wake his butt up and we make him do a podcast with us. Um, because that’s just what good bosses do. Now today we’re going to be talking about a, it’s something that I know con could honest is passionate about, right? Yes, very much tinies tiny tumbling. Those preschool athletes that, uh, that are just getting started in their career for tumbling and they’re doing it with us. And we love that.

It’s a, it’s something we’re passionate about. Um, and I, and I know cadenas is too, so we wanted to bring him in and uh, open his mind and pick his brain on some of his, his thought process for tinies. Now before we get started. Um, I didn’t start whenever I was in preschool age and yeah, I didn’t think you did either. I know rusty doesn’t or didn’t. Um, and so I wish I had, I probably would have ended up being a lot better than I am tonight, uh, today. But, uh, we have started this class called tinies. Um, and it’s, it’s going really, really well. And Actually Hannah is our Jenks tumbling lessons coach there, um, for all of the tiniest classes. But, uh, why do you think that it’s such an important time to get started between, you know, three to six years old?

Well, definitely because the way I look at it and also just being an older brother, I have a lot of younger brothers and sisters. Um, the biggest thing to me is when I see those little kids, especially at a young age, it’s a window to open the future. Um, coaching and being there as an older mentor is one of the biggest things that bring me life. And especially cause they’re so drama free. They’re there just to have a good time and, um, I’m there to have a good time so it just really works with me.

Yeah. They don’t deal with the regular, uh, the regular stuff that teenagers normally deal with. So you don’t have to deal with that aspect. Um, and, and I love the mentorship part that you brought up, um, because that’s really why I think all of us get into coaching, um, as a whole, but, but with these little babies, you know, these three to six years old, um, these tiny tumblers, they’re so impressionable. So to get them involved with tumbling at a young age and them knowing that, hey, you know what? This is actually fun. We can have fun and learn at the same time, I think is a really important,

yeah. And don’t get me wrong, they also teach you a lot of patients. One thing I’ve learned a lot, you learn a lot from it too. Going to love the kids. Um, them just messing around. Really it just, it’s teaching me, you know, how to become a better an adult right later down the road. So patience is one of the greatest things of, I’ve learned about Jenks tumbling lessons those little tiny nuggets because man, do they love to run around and just run it?

Test your patient? Absolutely. Do they do? Uh, it’s, it’s tiny classes would probably the one of the most, um, difficult classes to teach. So a shout out to Hannah because she does it every single week. Um, was, yeah, right. Where is she at a window to get her on a podcast and um, but uh, anyway, yeah, she, she works hard with these kids and keeps them all kind of, uh, together, you know, and they’re not running all over the place and uh, and so it’s, it’s a very difficult thing to do. Um, now whenever they are learning, while having fun, it’s important that they do see that aspect of having fun playing games. Um, or else they’re going to get bored with it really quick.

And also as a coach, man, you really have to like wear the positivity. And the font on your Jenks tumbling lessons face. Um, I just know when kids know when you’re not, they’re not like kids knowing you’re not buying it and so it’s really important that you’re selling it to them. Whatever it is. If it’s Ford role, make it look like the best

for golden rule, this thing they’ve ever done. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Um, something else, I know that we were specifically talking about tinies but uh, cadenas also has a Ninja class now. Yes. Um, and a lot of those kids are younger age kids, boys and girls. Um, but uh, let’s touch base a little bit on that now. Uh, in our Jenks tumbling lessons tumbling class like tinies beginners, novice intermediate, advanced zone, um, they’re learning the basics of tumbling and then working their way up. Now Ninja class gives them something else, right?

Absolutely. It gives them a lot more and it’s not just tumbling to, I’m one thing with Ninja class is the best way really to explain it. It’s a mix of gymnastics, par Corp and free running. Yeah. And if you really didn’t know, girls can be dangerous too, especially with my classes, I really want to make a diversified. I want it to be where anyone can join, anyone can do it. Um, so again, girls can be Ninjas and they can be just as good as then just as boys.

Absolutely. Absolutely. You know, what I see is that, um, these kids come in and they only have one thing on their mind as they’re like, this Jenks tumbling lessons is going to be fun. This is going to be fun. And, uh, and at justice we want to make sure that, that that’s what they get from it. And so whether it’s the Ninja class or the tinies there, they’re learning, but it’s in the, in a fun way where they’re, where they’re playing games and, uh, they’re, they’re rolling down the mats. They’re jumping from one minute to the other. Uh, you ever played the game? The floor is lava. Yes. Oh, that’s so, that’s such a good, just give me a great idea, Colton. Oh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. Whenever we have birthday parties, I always play that game with the kids. Um, but yeah, on you, those Ninja classes, if they’re jumping from like one Matt to the other, uh, I mean that’s how we work with those younger kids. Um, that’s how we, we connect with those younger kids is by getting to their level, playing those games with them. Um, and, and you know, they’re having fun. They’re enjoying themselves and, uh, and so best Ninja classes in Tulsa and the best, uh, tinies tumbling classes in Tulsa is what do you find? No Damn justice tumbling company. Um, now if you ever had those kids that I’m with tinies or, or, um, Ninja class, have you had those kids that um, just kind of lock up and get, get nervous? Yeah, I they don’t want to

of always have those kids. Yeah. There’s not one class. I don’t have a kid like that. Jenks tumbling lessons, it’s okay. I always try to tell the kids, like, you can tell they’re very overwhelmed. I just try not to blame them for what they’re feeling. I don’t want them to make them feel wrong with what they’re doing. So the biggest thing is just sitting them down, sitting down, just reminding them how a gun, why they’re here, their purpose. And just, you know, moving right along. I don’t like to sit too long. Jenks tumbling lessons, cause I don’t want the kids to get too distracted. I mean, where are there to have fun in the class? We are there to learn. And so I just like to keep the ball rolling.

You know, I, I used to teach tiny or they weren’t considered tinies then, but um, it was a preschool level class. Uh, whenever I was working at other gyms and I think they put me on those classes because I had kids of my own at the same age. Um, but whenever I’d have a kid who was, um, kind of distant and was kind of afraid to come into the class, I would always go over there and I would be like, listen, you and I are going to be best friends. Okay, we’re going to be best friends. And they’re like, what? What are you talking about? I don’t even know you. But, but that kind of opens the door for that conversation. And, and, uh, where they’re like, okay, maybe this person is isn’t so bad and we can have some fun, uh, along the way.

So, um, now next week we talked about we’re going to be going over the beginners, the beginner stuff. Um, once they, once they get out of Tinys, which is an age category really, um, they’re able to move up into beginner. Once they either progress fast enough and mature quickly or um, they have graduated from uh, a six year, six year old to a seven year old, then they can jump in those beginner classes. Um, and so that’s what we’re gonna be going over next week. Uh, and looking forward to that too to pick your brain a little bit more on that. And uh, anyway, so if you are interested in finding out more about us, um, which is usually rusty and Colton, but now it’s colon cadenas you can check out our Jenks tumbling lessons website. It’s just as tumbling co.com. And if you have a Google account, we would love it if you loved us and objective Google Review to let us know how we’re doing and we’ll see you next time on Tulsa tumbled. Talk with justice tumbling company.