Today, justice tumbling company is officially eight months old.

hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breath slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right, so uh, this ain’t no eight mile. This is eight months for us and uh, and this is our up and coming story. This is the growth of a great company and something that we really, really love. This is our, our baby rusty and Colton had a baby and it was just as tumbling coming

eight months strong. Um, couldn’t be happier now. Their growth, just the way things have been going, the way things have clicked, it was totally a god thing. Everything happens for a reason. Things just fall into place. Everything is falling into place. It’s been a blessing to see the people who are behind us and who really supported us. So we want to do eight months, some highlights we’ve seen in the eight months,

things that stood out to us that really catch your attention. Things that yeah.

Or favorite moments in the eight months of justice tumbling being open.

So, um, looking back, some of my, obviously my most favorite moments are when kids get new skills or they’ve, um, they’ve landed something on their own and they haven’t landed that in a long time or something like that. And the excitement, um, you know, what really gets me is whenever I start seeing like tears come out of their eyes and parents’ eyes and

that was well said. That’s the same exact, we had one last week, she took a whole year off cheer. She came to our hard floor class, literally stuck in class and tumbling in a year and we were like sending talk by herself. She fought up, no, no, no. At the end we did a show until she threw it and her expression was priceless. And that’s why we do it. I mean, coaching is the coolest job in the world. Where do you get to see a kid? Like, and she came over bawling like gave me a hug and was like, Oh my God, I’ve been, even before taking the year off, she was trying that skill for three years.

And I mean it’s just, it’s, it’s a better feeling than tumbling is like getting a new skill in your own. That’s one thing. But helping a kid get their skill that they’ve been like dying to get, you know, that’s the skill they need to make their squad or, or whatever it might be. That is the best feeling in the world.

It is. It really is. And it’s funny you said that. So yes, kids getting new skills, that’s definitely the highlight. There’s certain ones like that athlete who specifically stand out who were in my head, it’s like, I, I didn’t even think of it as that big of a straw or like hurdle for that athlete or some of these athletes. Like at one of my privates got a backhand and she went over to her mom bawling and her mom was like, you don’t understand how big of a deal. This is. The same thing

that withstanding Tux. Um, this past week in our Jenks tumbling lessons podcast, we’ve been talking about one specifically. We’re just, uh, she got her standing tech and it’s been like three years and it’s been a big hurdle for her. But she finally got it. And, and it’s just, it’s an amazing feeling. Um, so obviously that, that those are the most important times for us. But you remember that time we had the drive all the way to Missouri to get all of our equipment and

Lisa, we in the of our Jenks tumbling lessons equipment came from one place and it was a Missouri. So we did have to make the drives and Jim that was closing

down and we, we rented a u haul and we got all that equipment and we didn’t know if it was going to turn out. Like the person who is trying to sell it

to us was a little sketchy. Little weird. Could’ve been a little, it could have been about the tuition. But I’ve worked out and I mean that was just one of the mini road trips we’ve taken together. We went, we run two or three times to Missouri just for clinics or clinics. And, and um, and so got another one. But I will say since in the eight months that we’ve opened it, it would be kind of ridiculous to know the amount of time me and you have spent together or just in a car together. Yeah, definitely spend more time together than with our wives know. I know, I know you’ve already are getting better. We have an employee is now we’d get, we have the days off after eight months. We have one day off where we were working,

uh, seven days a week. Um, gosh, Saturday and Sunday are our biggest Jenks tumbling lessons days. But now because we do have employees where thank God for those, those employees, we’re able to take one day off each and so six days a week instead of seven days a week. And that’s a

what we’re delaying our Jenks tumbling lessons gratification and we’re going to get there. But maybe one day, maybe one day we’ll have two days, two days off. I’m sure parents and kids aren’t, won’t be happy about that. But the same thing we’ve been saying from the start, we’re only going to take days off if we trust our Jenks tumbling lessons employees to do the job for us, for that specific class on what they’re ever going to, what they’re going to be doing and that, that skill level. Yeah. We’re not just gonna throw them out to the wolves. And my day off, when I do come back the next day, the first thing I do is sit there and watch the day on the cameras. So I watch anything I miss, make sure I’ve still am kept up on what was in the gym on my day off because it drives me crazy not paying there.

It really does. One day after I was going crazy, I, I, uh, I kind of creep on our cameras while I’m, while I’m home, uh, just to see, see what’s going on, things that, see how things are going and got to go up to that too. That’s it. Like we said, it’s our baby and uh, uh, and our, Jenks tumbling lessons, our wives are very much involved, so heavily involved. That’s where it’s cool. That’s been another great part of it is like I’ve known some of these athletes and these athletes’ parents for years, six, seven years now. Yeah. And, but they never met your wives why? And maybe met him in passing once or twice. But now it’s like our wives have relationships with parents when I come home and I’m like, so and so was working on her full today. She’s like, oh, I know her and her mother and this is, I had this conversation with their moms. So it’s really cool for them to get to see the people that we talk about all the time.

All the time. Like I will bring up a name and Cassie will be like, Oh yeah, uh, Smith or whatever her last name might be. And, and I’m like, Yep, that’s her. Because, because, uh, they go, you know, they put everybody’s name into the computer and they have all that up. So we would not be where we are today at colleague. Could you imagine if we were doing all our computer work? No, I have no words.

I literally just focus on tumbling. I barely know how to log in. Right. Um, but no, like he said, our family, our families are up there, our wives are out there, our kids, everybody sees my little monster running around up there. Um, same, it’s a family environment, aren’t athletes. I’d spend the second on top of seeing kids get new skills. I will say the next thing that has been like the best highlight for me is just the atmosphere of the gym. Seeing kids in classes that don’t even know each other from different schools. I love that becoming friends, building friendships outside of the gym, but they made those friendships in the gym. Yeah. So that’s been really cool to see.

Dana, one of the, one of the athletes that we had on our justice athletes podcasts, which we, it was like, um, I get probably four or five days ago, um, we had her on with another athlete, but her specifically, um, she’s gotten really close to another athlete who is at a competing school and they, they compete against each other, their football teams or like rivals. And, um, and both of these athletes have become really, really close friends. And just last night, uh, we were doing some conditioning and I had everybody partner up and the first thing they did was like ran towards each other, but there were other kids from their schools, um, that was there that they know. But they, they just have gotten this close relationship because they’ve been together in a lot of the same classes and seeing each other fall, seeing each other, get new skills, seeing each other, get back up, dust themselves off and get back into the game. Like they’ve seen it all and they’ve done it together. And so I do, I love that. That’s the one, okay.

The best parts. So it, it’s, it’s a great environment. I love that. It makes it fun to come to work everyday. I mean, that’s one thing that aren’t employees have said as well. They’ve worked for other gems, but it is just, the environment is different. That is for sure. So we love our family. We love our justice family. Ray, thank you for all the support. Um, we did, we did a little thank you a [inaudible], but that was 40 podcasting. Geez Louise. I’m sure our next Jenks tumbling lessons one will be at a year when justice is hitting a two year birthday. My little, my little son, little monster just had his one year birthday justice. We’ll have

years, years birthday. It just crazy. You know, and parents and athletes as well have been so supportive of us. They, I mean, they, and they know we’re good coaches, but they’re like, they push it even further than that. Like they believe in justice, not just us, not just Colton and rusty, but, but what justice stands for and what we bring to the table in the cheerleading industry. And so, uh, we, we are so thankful. So thank

because we absolutely believe it. I mean, it’s a leap of faith for you to not tumble at another gym. Right. You’re all start Jim, to come trust us and our Jenks tumbling lessons technique and what we’re teaching. Um, but we are very passionate about what we do. Yeah. Or we will never steer kids down the wrong way. We want what’s best for every athlete that we’re walks through that door.

And Rusty and I have talked about this before, is that justice is so much bigger than us individually. Like, um, there’ll be one day where we retire, we’re, we are done and justice is going to keep going. Um, maybe whenever we pass on and our kids take over, um, justice is going to keep going. It’s going to be there. And that’s kind of the way that was the point of the whole thing is just uh, yes we could, we could have opened our own Jenks tumbling lessons gym and uh, just did privates, did some classes, split classes and, and the schools and everything. 50, 50, and we would be doing really, really well. Um, but like I said, w w justice is bigger than us and so that’s what we are super excited about.

Yes, yes. It will be around at something to leave to our children. All I ever had and to leave Dax was a ton of nerd stuff. Stuff you might not even mad at him or not anymore now. Yes. I hope he gets into tumbling. I hope he gets into coaching, but if nothing else, just running a business. It does have something now. Yeah.

Yeah. So anyway, if you’re interested in finding out more about us justice tumbling company, you can check out our Jenks tumbling lessons website. It’s justice tumbling

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The, the objective is just a, it’s not called them jack to know. It just, it’s just a Google review, but we want it to be objective, unbiased, unbiased. Yeah. That’s the kind of word that we’re looking for. We’re not asking for five stars. There’s stars and it’s one through five. You can give us as many as, yeah, we just want to review. We would really love it though. Uh, and we’ll see you next time on Tulsa tumble. Todd with justice tumbling company. Wow.