Mastering your skills. Something we’ve used a lot in our universe of podcasts and we want to give you some insight on exactly what that means.


hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your Jenks tumbling lessons hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breath slur, and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right. Now, you know, we’ve said it before. You’ve heard us say in our classes and our Jenks tumbling lessons podcasts, uh, all through our schools, we want you to master your Jenks tumbling lessons skills. Yes.

Every skill from a handstand, all the way up to backhand spring is foals. Whatever it is you’re doing through your Jenks tumbling lessons progressions, you should master everything you do.

We don’t want you to just pay at grasshopper. We want you to be a Sensei. We want you to master this stuff so that whenever you, um, you know, you’re, it doesn’t matter where you’re at, what Jim, who’s next to you, where you’re at, what corner you tumble from, master these skills. So it’s like the back of your hand. Yeah.

You should be able to do it out in grass, out on basketball court, on concrete, concrete, double Dublab mastered. If you’re that good at you’re tumbling, it should be the same wherever you do it. Now our definition of master for justice tumbling is a little bit different, but we’re going to go ahead and read a, just the, you know, the dictionary dictionary definition. So the first one is having or showing very great skill or proficiency

and and I mean that comes pretty close to what we’re talking about, but it doesn’t get any

third one. These ones are pretty close. So another one, acquire complete knowledge or skill and an accomplishment technique or art. That’s it. Pretty close, right? Yeah. Or the next one gained control of or overcome. Perfect. So those are pretty spot on of what we consider mastering

if find someplace to put that in. Our Gym and I was like right on the wall. Um, yeah. So mastering your skills, that second definition that you said, um, to acquire complete knowledge of the complete knowledge. I mean, listen, um, that means that just like riding a bike or, um, tying your shoes, it doesn’t, it’s not something you even have to think about in your warm ups. You give 100% and it’s the, it’s the best that you got all the time in your Jenks tumbling lessons try outs. It’s 100% the best you can do every single time. And that’s, I think the versatility of, uh, of mastering your skills no matter where you are. You’ve got it and you, and you do it. Yeah, it’s walking. You

master walking at a pretty young age. You might break an ankle, break, a leg, you might not be able to walk for awhile, but you always learn again, you pick it up very quickly. Like the severe injuries, like people have to relearn to walk. I mean, but they do, it happens you, it’s something you absolutely have learned to do again.

Well, and you made a really good analogy the other day. Oh, we just got one. Woo. Ah, um, well you made a really good analogy the other day where it was like, ah, the way you walk, you don’t walk any different from concrete to air floor to hard floor to spring floor. You don’t walk any different. You’re not going to have to change the style of your walk or be like, Whoa, Whoa, I’ve got to have a different mindset. Well hold on. I can’t step on sand. That’s, I can’t do it. Can’t do it. Like that’s not, that’s, that doesn’t happen. So, um, and you’re tumbling, it should be the same way. We want you to master your tumbling the same way you’ve mastered walking.

Yeah. That’s to where if you do get injured in a tumbling passes, you jump right back in where you work because you did have those skills mastered. So it comes naturally to you. Um, kids who masters skills, your take the time to follow progressions and master the progressions, not just rushing to the next skill. Um, those were athletes who aren’t going to deal with mental blocks. And I think we’re going to deal with losing a skill or going back, I think as we’ve talked about those, those aren’t they? Yeah.

And it takes a lot of patients to master a skill. And I’m almost to the point where you’re like, okay, let’s, it’s gotta be a goal for you. Um, when, when we ask you to master a skill that means lots and lots and lots of repetitions of that skill and being consistent with it, throwing it the same way every single time, um, and knowing if something goes wrong, um, what happened? How do I fix it? Um, when you, when you’ve mastered a skill, you don’t do it perfect. We’ve mastered skills, but it’s far from perfect. We don’t expect perfection. We do expect you to, um, be as close to perfect as you can be, um, as, as close to achievable as it can be anyway.

Absolutely. Like I told kids the other day, if I throw a round off back handspring right now, it’ll look, it’ll look pretty good. But there’s definitely stuff I would critique. You would critique with the coaches. I, yeah, but I promise you I could throw that 200 times on any surface. And it’s not gonna Change Cause it’s mastered. It’s not perfect, but it is mastered.

Yeah. And, and um, one backhand spring to backhand springs, three backhand spring, a backhand spring is a backhand spring. So if you are worried about throwing multiple backhand springs, uh, uh, a series tobacco handsprings ski series to Tucks here, he used to lay out, um, and then maybe you haven’t completely mastered your backhand spring yet because every backhand spring should be the same. Your first backhand spring isn’t going to be any than your second or your third or your fourth. It’s just going to make you a little bit more tired.

And it blows my mind that sometimes I asked a kid the other day, I was like, in her class, what’s, what’s the most backhand springs you’ve ever tried before? And they’re like, no, no more than two. Like, oh my gosh, when we were kids, we just liked rally. Coach told us anything. We were like, you know what? I’m going to try 20. Right? I’m going to see how many, like kids don’t have that drive to like, well, you know what I can do to really, really good, like easy. Like let’s do three, let’s do four kids because it’s hard. And kids don’t want that. Like, oh, that’s exhausting.

It’s just the a generational thing. I don’t know. Push yourself to become the best, set a goal and then do not give up until that goal has been mastered.

Yes. Master that you didn’t classes and privates. If you were in our Jenks tumbling lessons gym, you’re, you’re going to hear it. Um, cause we don’t want to run into athletes who have mental blocks. Like we’re trying to outlaw pretty much the word mental block. And the word can’t in our gym. Frisco’s both words are toxic. Both words. Um, if one kid says it all and start saying, I brings to the whole group down. So, um, master your skills. Keep the negativity out of the gym.

So Google says it takes 10,000 hours and we’ve done a podcast over this before. Not necessarily mastering but over consistency. Um, and so we don’t necessarily think that it takes 10 hours, thousand hours to master a backhand spring, but we think that it does take, um, about 10,000 hours to master tumbling as a whole. And that, yeah, because we don’t want you to spending $10,000, 10,000 hours on a handstand or something like that. Uh, think about, think about the hours that you spend if you’re coming into the gym every single day, that’s 365 hours a year. Okay. 10,000 hours is a lot, is all a lot. Um, but if you’re, if you’re, if you’re working on backhand springs every day for an hour, I think you can master that in a, in a year’s time.

Any, yeah. Yeah, about a year, year and a half. That sounds about right. If you’re like pushing to get like almost like we said, near perfect technique to be able to throw it on any surface and your sleep sounds about right about a year, a year and a half.

And so you know, you, you always need to come back and work on your backhand, spring, come back and work on your back, tucks, come back and work on your layouts. Um, the more hours, the more time that you spend trying to clean these things up and that’s hours towards that skill and that’s hours towards mastering that skill. Um, so just because you’re working on a layout or a full or something doesn’t mean that you can’t go back and clean up things and, and perfect your backhand springs the best that you can.

No, that’s the worst thing you can do is the more skills you get, the more skills you have to maintain, the more hours you should be putting in because you have a lot more tumbling. You have to

maintain and continue to keep strong. Yeah, it’s like a, it’s like going through college if you can, you can take a light load and only do a couple classes per week, but if you take a heavy load, the more advanced you get, then the more classes you’re going to have to keep up with. And that’s the same thing. Think of your Jenks tumbling lessons skills as classes. Um, you have to remember the technique every single time. Just because you’ve done a round off back handspring, layouts are fools over and over and over again. Doesn’t mean that you’re specifically working on your backhand springs. Um, we have, we know a couple of kids who are capable, what they get to, how many backhand springs that they get to like 32, I think 32 the standing backhand spring. Very, very impressive. I have no doubt that those kids have mastered at their backhand spring.

Cause both of those kids, all 32 backhand springs almost looked identical. Oh yeah. A lot of kids try it. And after about five or six, the backhand spring started looking crazy. But those two kids that were able to do the ridiculous amount every backhand spring look the same. It was crazy. It’s, it’s strength. It’s pure strength, pure conditioning, pure technique. That’s, that’s what it takes to master these skills. And that’s where we want each and every one of you to be, um, for your, for your own safety and for really your own Jenks tumbling lessons pride. Take, take control of these skills and just master each and every one of them. And with that, if you want to find out more about us, we can check or you can check out our Jenks tumbling lessons Yes, read, check out our website. We do. But yeah, that’d be, you have a Facebook and Instagram. You can check us out on our Jenks tumbling lessons social media and if you have a Google account and we would love it if you left us and objective Google review to let us know how we’re doing and we’ll see you next time on Tulsa tumble. Talk with justice.