We’re back with another weekly update where we tell you things that happened throughout our week. And just to give you a little bit of insight in team justice.


Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we, your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts Coulton cruise and Rusty Brett slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right, so we’re gonna start this weekly update with a, uh, with a little kind of celebration week. We started a new school and this is a, this is a little different for us because this school is actually coming to us directly. That means that, uh, they’re getting out of school and they’re coming straight to our Jenks tumbling lessons gym after school and a, and we’re doing the same thing that we do for all of our other schools just in our gym. So it’s really exciting.

Yes. We always love getting to meet new athletes, uh, working new skills with new athletes, using our gym, getting to use our equipment, um, getting to use our environment, our atmosphere, the same thing we bring to our rec classes that we try to bring to our schools. It’s a little bit easier to experience when you are in our gym

and it’s different because these athletes now they get to, they get to see our goal while most of the athletes that we work with are from schools that we work with. Um, so they get to see it but not where they actually tumble. Um, so we’re hoping that that kind of gives them something that they can take back to their gym and start like a goal wall or you know, if there’s a, a mirror or something you can write on mirrors with dry erase markers and uh, and, and I think that’s just a great way to build camaraderie but also kind of hold people accountable to the skills that they, that they need.

And always working with news athletes is always a challenge as a coach because they’re used to either their old coach or the way they do things. Um, the group we had yesterday has a ton of potential. Yeah. A lot of, a few like cleaning up technique issues but should be easy to develop new skills. So very exciting.

And it’s, it’s a big group, but they’ve, I think they’ve got a total, we’ll have a total of like 26 and so we’ve got three coaches on that and uh, they just haven’t done their freshman tryouts or something like that. So,

yeah. So we do go to schools, we have schools come to us. So, uh, if you’re interested in having us come to your school, talk to your coach or whoever you need to to contact us.

Yeah. And we give, we give out, um, what we call one sheets, which is one sheet with all of our information for schools right there on it. Um, so if you, if you want to take one of those back to your coaches, let us know and we’ll give you one.

And your first humbling, uh, is free. It’s completely free with that. We will come tumble your Jenks tumbling lessons school, they can get to see if they like us and uh, we can go there. Yeah.

And uh, and the next on this weekly update is a new skills. We had an athlete get a new skill, just uh, not yesterday but the day before yesterday and she’s been working on that skill for like two years. Um, that is very, very uncommon. But, and I think we’ve done a podcast over it before. Just that one skill that just drives you crazy. Um, here’s something to remember is that you can, you can be a really, really, really strong athlete and pick up skills like crazy and then run into a roadblock where one, this one in particular skill is just driving you crazy. Um, and we call that a roadblock. And sometimes, sometimes you overcome it, sometimes you move onto something else and then come back to it, revisit it. And then, uh, and then concrete. But congratulations to her. She’s been, this is a long, long path. She hit a growth spurt. Um, and she’s hit like two or three gross bird. It’s in her life. She’s, she’s taller than me. And, uh, and so figuring out how to, how to pull her knees over her body over, um, after hitting all these growth spurts. It’s difficult. It’s difficult. Difficult for girls sometimes.

Yes. Standing text for a long leg, athletes are always hard and they have a lot more to pull over. Doing technique is more important for those athletes because they can’t afford just to try to pull their bed over there.

Yeah. Especially if they’ve started on, on trampolines, they know the name, then they bring that trampoline technique to the floor or a spring floor or air track, whatever it is we’re working on. And it makes it, it makes it twice as difficult. Um, so we always have to remember that there’s, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. You will get there. We just got to keep working and, you know, maybe we have to explain it a hundred different times, but something will click and we’ll stay with you every, every step of the way to make sure you get that. And then, um, another part of this update is talking about, uh, coming back from mental blocks are, or where you, you haven’t been throwing your Jenks tumbling lessons skill and then you get it and you work hard at it and you, and then you move up to the next level.

Well now you’re blocking again. So we, we want to make sure that you guys understand that whenever we move you up, it’s because we see the potential and we also see your confidence that that’s your confidence is growing and that, uh, that you believe in yourself. And so we are, we think, okay, okay, we’re gonna go ahead and move this athlete up. Um, skill wise, she’s got it or he’s got it. Um, but then we move you up. The last thing that you want to do is look at these other athletes and then compare yourself to those other athletes and start blocking again. Um, and this is not for us. Uh, this is not for our program. This is for you. I mean, when you start blocking, um, then you’re just eating away at your Jenks tumbling lessons confidence and pretty soon you’ll just have a crumb left. And we don’t want to get you to that point.

Absolutely. Athletes pushed so hard to get through these mental blocks and then they do and whether they go tumble out another gem, a tumble with another coach. We tell athletes they should be able to take what we teach to other gyms, tumble with other coaches, but you can’t let tumbling with other coaches or tumbling at other gyms. Erase everything that you’ve worked on and then like you said, if it’s in a class that we moved to you app, then it’s always awkward trying to go and having to move back down to their class. Like you said, you had to evaluate out of the class you were in, so do not sit there and erase all that hard work you put in and to get through that class and then have to go two steps back and rework.

It’s, it’s just level headedness keeping, keeping your your Jenks tumbling lessons skills and your devotion and your goals at the top of your list in your head. You got to think about that. There’s w I always bring up risk versus reward and the reward is so much greater than the, than the very, very small risk that you’re, that you’re dealing with. Um, we understand that it’s scary, but, uh, this particular athlete that kind of brought up this topic, um, she had gone to one of her old coaches, which she still has a relationship with that coach and they still, um, her and the mom, I guess something. Anyway, uh, went and did a private and did some classes with this particular coach and, uh, it didn’t help out her situation whatsoever. We had gotten her through this mental block, um, and she had been coming to our gym for probably three or four months and jumped back in a class with this other person. And I asked, I said, you know, is it, was, was something not working out here? And she said, no, no, no. They were just, they would just open for a class and there, Jim just happens to be closer. Um, and so, I dunno, it’s, it’s something that, uh, I’m, I’m not there through their classes so I don’t know what they’re telling her, but she said that she wasn’t able to throw anything after like the first couple of minutes. Okay.

And it shouldn’t be like that. If you’ve mastered a skill, it should be something you can throw a, we literally last week did podcast for me, said you need to be able to take the technique we teach and bring it to other places. Um, if, but if you are an athlete that that’s going to mess up your tumbling, it’s probably better to just do what’s best for your Jenks tumbling lessons in the long run. Um, we want you to become an athlete that’s eventually mentally tough enough to go to the other gyms and tumble. But until you are comfortable, it’s better to just stay where you’re at and continue to build that confidence. I think

of our Jenks tumbling lessons program is almost like a prescription that the doctor gives you. Um, Eh, we didn’t know that she was going to go over there and of course you wouldn’t if she had asked or mentioned it. We wouldn’t have said no, don’t. Um, but we would have, we would have given her like some kind of a warning saying, listen, not all coaches to coach like we do. And, um, something might happen. You might, you might start blocking again. Um, but with that, we want, I want you master that skill. Like rusty said, we want you to be able to take it everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re here or you’re in Mexico or you’re, you know, it’s midnight or four o’clock in the morning. Once you get this skill, it’s like riding a bike. You’ll get back on a bike and you’ll be able to take off and, and, uh, and it should be second nature to you.

And then last, but certainly not least on our list for this weekly update is, are submersing our Jenks tumbling lessons summer camp schedule colleague summer camp. I didn’t get my tongue go on this morning. I can’t talk. Um, how now brown cow. Um, our summer camp schedule is now out and, uh, we’re really excited about it. We’ve got like nine camps this summer. Um, it comes out to being like to each month. And, uh, there, it’s just people are signing up from already spots are going to fill up quick. So go ahead and you can call us or you can check out our Jenks tumbling lessons website or Facebook and look at those schedules. Um, of course if you’re coming into our gym then you can sign up directly at our front desk.

Yes, there’s camps. A lot of these camps are going to be aimed at particular skills, so they’re going to be like skills camp. Uh, there will be random camps maybe added throughout the summer. Uh, like one day jump clinic type deals for people who are interested in. Um, so just keep your eyes out.

Yeah, we’re really excited about them and uh, we hope to see you there with that. Uh, if you’re interested in finding out more about us, you can check out our Jenks tumbling lessons website. Uh, it’s justice tumbling co.com

or or you can find us on Facebook and Instagram and if you have a Google account, you can leave us an objective Google review to let us know how we’re doing

and then we’ll see you next time on post humble talk with justice.

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