Today we’re coming at you live from justice tumbling company. And for the first time ever we’ve got athletes on our Jenks tumbling lessons show. Oh hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breath slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right, now this podcast is all about our justice Jenks tumbling lessons athletes and in honor of doing so, we’ve got two of our gold membership, uh, athletes here with us today. Yes,

probably heard us talk about them in previous podcasts. We don’t say their names though, but the gold membership girls, these are the golden girl. They’re golden girls. So we’ll just be bouncing some questions off them. Uh, seeing, seeing how they, they both been to different gems. So thing how justice is different from other gyms.

Yeah. So we’ve got that. We’ve got Dana and Cammy with us today and we’re super excited to Kinda just pick their brains and see what their thoughts are about justice tumbling company. All right, so going in order from left to right, I’m going to start with Cammie and, uh, Cammie, we’re gonna ask you some questions and you just give us your honest Jenks tumbling lessons answer. Okay.

Now me and came and you go way back. I’ve been, I’ve been working with Cammie for awhile now. Cammie. Uh, how many years have we known each other?

Um, I’ve known you for about five years.

Five years. That’s a long time. I’ve seen her grow up. She used to be about up to my hip. Now she’s almost as tall as I am. Uh, when I first met you, what, what were you working on?

Like a round off rebound or something?

Yeah, it’s very basic. Just getting into cheer. Um, now you’ve been a part of other gyms. Uh, we’ve, we’ve worked together at other gyms in the past. Um, how would you say justice is a little bit different than any other gym you’ve tumbled with me yet? Cause I’m the same. But the atmosphere, I’m sure it was a little bit different.

I feel like it’s like positivity, like everyone’s like always there for each other and it’s like kind of like a family now. So good answer. Very good answer.

That is probably the answer that we get the most, but it’s definitely always my favorite answer to here. And she wasn’t coached on that answer at all. That, that was great. Good answer. Good. Very good. So Cammie, what school do you go to? I go to broken arrow. All right. Broken Arrow. And what skill are you currently working on? I’m working on a running four and a standing to the back. And you got some, you were working tow backs today, right? Some toe bags.

Um, I’ve perfected my running layout and then I got a standing back, a toe back, a cartwheel back, a back hand, spring back. And now I can start working on fools

and things more advanced than that. And that has been since you started at justice, right? Yes. All right. Well, we’re so excited that you’re here and that you’re part of the justice family. And, um, we look forward to seeing you grow and Gosh, you’re still so young, you’ve got a lot of time ahead of you. And so we’re going to see you go on off to college. You’re, you’re not even in high school yet, but call high school and then college and um, we’ll be there with you every step of the way.

Amen. It’s been awesome to see her grow to where she’s at now. She can only grow and get better.

That’s right. That’s right. No where to go but up. So now our next Jenks tumbling lessons athlete is Dana and she goes to a local high school called union. Um, and uh, why don’t you tell us a little bit about how long you’ve been tumbling and cause we’ve known each other from other gyms too. Um, but how long have you been tumbling and, uh, and kind of where you’re at now? I’ve been tumbling for three years now and, uh, and now I’m working on layouts and I’m trying to get my standing tech consistent cause I barely just got it.

Yeah. She just landing it. Just getting to where it’s an every time thing to where we can start doing the toe back, cartwheel back one to back all those basic varsity skills.

And even though, um, we have a spring floor, you work mostly on hard floor, don’t you? Both of you. I think. Um, and uh, so we’re really able to kind of guide depending on the athlete, whether they’re an all star athlete or a high school athlete, kind of, um, guide them in the right direction, whether they’re working on spring floor or hard floor and, and uh, really help them grow with the techniques that they need.

No. Cammies a little bit younger. Uh, Dana Dana’s goal this year for tryouts was to what make by city and ended that happen. Tryouts are over with. Yes. And I made it so big. Congratulations. I think we already gave her one. We didn’t name her, but we already gave you one on one of our Jenks tumbling lessons other podcasts. But congrats. She put in the hours. She’s been up here a lot. Like we said, she’s on our gold membership to where she is almost up here every day. And for both of these, we’ve seen the gold membership really worked for both and they’ve both gotten stronger in their technique. Um, not just technique, just physically as well. Right. Getting stronger all around. It’s been impressive.

So if you didn’t know our, our Jenks tumbling lessons gold membership package is unlimited tumbling, which means that you can come to any class that you actually qualify for as many times as you want. And a, that’s open gyms. Those are, those are, uh, stunt classes as well. And something that I remember from both of them is that when, like the first couple of weeks that they were coming, like they were dead because they were in every, they were here every single night, I think. And

body’s not used to that. It, it takes awhile for your muscles to develop and get comfortable with that. So they, they were definitely dying. At least it wasn’t as hot as it is now. Are you guys got an out of good? Yeah.

Yeah. And, and so this question is actually for both of you guys. Um, could you see the payoff? Like even though it was tough while you are doing it, can now looking back, can you see a payoff of a, of the hard work? Humbling. Yeah.

Um, I remember like the first week I was here, I could barely go like an hour without dying and like falling over and arm here, like three hours a night. And it’s amazing. Yeah, same year when I first came here, I couldn’t go, how are you there? And then I started working more like two hours or three hours back to back to back and a lot of improvement.

And now you guys are able to rock like three hours a night. Um, and, and it is a lot of time. Not Everybody is able to do that much time. Um, but, uh, I mean you made varsity and then Cammy, um, made JV, but it’s, I mean, to be a freshman and to make varsity is nearly impossible, isn’t it? At broken arrow. So, uh, anyway, they’d done really, really, really well. And, um, we’re so very proud of them and we just, like I said, we’re so looking forward to seeing you guys grow, uh, and uh, and take on the torch with the rest of the, the justice family. So we’ve got about three minutes left of this podcast and so we’re going to turn the mic over to these girls and kind of just let them, um, say anything that what they want to say, any kind of advice that they could give to other kids who are up and coming in the cheer world are learning, trying to learn tumbling. Um, and uh, and I think that would mean a lot.

Yeah. Okay. Um, I’ll start with the junk class. So yesterday was like the first day of the new Jenks tumbling lessons costs they added and before I went in and my junk, like a negative two and now I definitely saw improvement yesterday and I’m very sore today and it’s like the day after and yeah, very

just one day and already seeing improvement. That’s a new gem class rehab with coach Kadana saids jumps less slash stretching class. So if you need to get stretched out for your jumps conditioned in your jumps, uh, it’s definitely, definitely going to be beneficial. Um, Dana, what’s your favorite Jenks tumbling lessons class or you’re part of here?

I love stank class. Um, I’ve worked with coed and group stunting and I’ve got so many skills and things I needed, provide city and got a lot.

And that stunt class, we’ve, we brought it up before it’s, um, Saturdays, but we’ve changed something about it. We’ve actually added a second stunt class. And so the first unclass class on Saturdays from three to four is coed, which is partner stunning and giving kids an idea of what it feels like to fly. Um, on top of the boy, just one, one man is what it’s called. And then, um, the class that’s from four to five is actually the group stunt class. So, um, me and rusty are going to be getting in the group along with other kids and teaching them how to live the athletes, um, and, and do almost every single part of what it, what it takes to build a stunt. Um, and so we’re really excited about that. We may even incorporate like some pyramids and stuff like that. So, um, anyway, look forward to that. And uh, this is, this has been fun. You guys are the first athletes that we’ve ever had on the show, so you guys did really, really well. I’m impressed. Uh, we do this seven days a week. Every, every single day we get a podcast for it. Um, and so you guys are like the first, so there’s going to be mini after you. Um, but uh, yeah, I’m excited to hear what you guys sound like on the, on the wide web, the worldwide web. Does that make you guys nervous? Oh yeah.

And with these two I will say like we tell everybody, you can’t have tumbling without falling. I have seen these to take falls and um, yes, yes. Cammy remembers. Um, cammies was on a full, uh, Dana’s was just on warmups, kind of just had that brain fart that we talk about sometimes. But it’s good to see that our Jenks tumbling lessons training has paid off because it didn’t set either one of them back, like your wood and 90% of athletes. Um, both of these athletes were strong enough to jump back in and both of them were some pretty serious falls where they not growth. Yes. Dana. One stack like hers. This never happens. She’s like, that never happened. Cammies is all over online. She’s like, what are you

talking about? I don’t remember that. All right, well this is like I said, this has been fun and we’ll have to do this again and you guys ever want to jump in on another podcast, let us know. And uh, uh, with that, on that note, if you’re interested in finding out more about us justice tumbling company or Colton Rusty, you can check out our Jenks tumbling lessons website. It’s just a stumbling or you could find this on Instagram or Facebook. And if you have a Google account, I think you should do them and objective Google review, cause I already did and we greatly appreciate it, Cammy. And we’ll see you next time on Tulsa tumble. Talk with justice tumbling company.