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Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your Jenks tumbling lessons hosts Coulton cruise and rusty breaths slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Now with the growth of justice tumbling company, we figured that, uh, Tulsa tumble talk needed some growth too. So we’re adding a new segment. It’s going to be a weekly segment with a, our new Jenks tumbling lessons coach. Could Donna’s Rivera? Everybody. Woo. All right. [inaudible] this is our Jenks tumbling lessons first episode with you on this new segment anyway. Um, and we just kind of talked about what you wanted the, the, the subject to be a, why don’t you give us some, give us something.

Well, for one, I’ve been here for about a month. Uh, right so far that’s not a month. Yeah, man, I love it. It’s going great. But let me tell you something that really grinds my gears, man, is these kids, these kids just need to take it easy nowadays. I just feel like nowadays they, everyone wants, just wants to be an overnight success and I promise you, anyone who’s listening out there just take it slow. I promise you want to start it in my backyard. And it wasn’t for years and years until I started seeing more progress. I’m also having patience and having fun with what you’re doing. Um, I would like to think of myself as being a superhero. You know, when I’m tumbling, I’m just flying in the sky and doing my thing and I promise you like as time goes, puzzles fit. So as we’re doing tumbling and working new skills, I’m just taking it easy. Don’t get too mad, too mad at yourself or, um, I promise you guys will start seeing you guys push yourselves back.

Yeah. Something that rusty and I have talked about quite frequently actually is, um, this generation’s like need for instant gratification. And, and it like, Eh, with Youtube and Netflix and, and social media, if they want to see somebody, a celebrity or you know, whatever it might be, they’re able to see it instantly. And it’s something that no other generation before us has had. And it’s kind of, um, taking a toll on people’s tumbling and their mindsets because they, they think they should be an overnight success. Absolutely. They think they can come in and have a quick fix to their tumbling. That really takes a lot of diligence in the hours of putting in work, which if you’ve listened to our Jenks tumbling lessons podcasts before, rusty and I talk about that, uh, you need to delay gratification. Um, and then you just, you just said something else, um, that I really, really liked. It was about enjoying yourself. Will you go?

I definitely, I’m pretty much guys, one thing I also have noticed is that it’s a, it’s a gift to, to be doing what you’re doing, just to be throwing your bodies around, you know, doing your hands over, landing on your feet. I mean, it’s a gift guys. And I’m telling you, like taking your time with that gift is only going to have deliver the best product. And so

like, just easy now easy. Okay. You know, we’re, we are, uh, religious people and, and we, like he said, gift. Um, I like to think of it as a, uh, as a blessing to be able to be gifted with the bodies that we have to do what we do. Um, because there are people who are significantly less fortunate than us that aren’t able to do the things that you do regularly. So, but earlier you mentioned you need to be able to enjoy yourself and have fun, um, elaborate on that a little bit. Deep dive.

Yeah, definitely. Um, I would definitely start it from a coach’s standpoint. Um, like some kids out there have mental blogs nowadays and nowadays it’s more stressful than fun for them. And, um, as a coach, I’ve always noticed a fun approach is probably one of the best approaches to kind of like kids slowly take these cells out of that state that they’re in, which is a really good thing to do because, um, as you have a fun approach with the kids, they start noticing that you’re not so hard and they’re not here to take some kind of math tests. It’s just more of just having fun, taking it easy. And, um, I’ve just seen a lot more progressions when kids are relaxed and trusting their coaches and know what they’re talking.

Yeah. Yeah. It seems like, um, whenever they, they see tumbling as a job, they’re doing it for somebody else instead of themselves. That progress comes, um, much less frequently and um, the, they have a higher percentage of giving up on themselves if they don’t do Jenks tumbling lessons.

or getting a scale and then losing it because they’re doing it for the wrong reasons. We always say, I mean, you should be tumbling for fun. It shouldn’t be a job. So hearing that from Kadana sees 21, we’re, we’re in our, we’re 30. Yeah. He is seeing the same thing that we’re, we’re seeing in the same thing we’re teaching. It’s a, it shouldn’t be stressful. The more stressed, the harder it gets. So whenever you see an athlete having fun and enjoying themselves, but not overly like becoming where it’s in a distraction, but you’re seeing these kids who are enjoying themselves and they’re happy to be there, do you see more progress from them too?

Absolutely. Um, even when they have fun, I also try to give them a challenge. I ask the kids, Hey, is this too easy? And they’ll be like, Yep, to Eatsa but okay, I’ll give you something harder. And they just have more fun doing it, which is good.

Yeah. Yeah. Some kids are driven by that challenge. They’re driven by, um, a little bit more of a challenge. And so that’s a justice tumbling company. We want to, um, not have that one size fits all program, but we want to talk to these kids individually. No their parents and, and Kinda know what works best them. Um, and so we kind of have to have a huge database in our heads of what kids working on what and how you have to react with them. Yeah. Um, you also mentioned something about stress and patients. Um, I feel like those are, are pretty much connected. If, if you’re stressed out, you have less patients and if you are patient you’ll have less stress. Can you give our Jenks tumbling lessons an example of, of what you mean by patients and stress?

Yeah. Um, so when uh, I started my tumbling career, if you would say my hardest skill to get, um, where my Jenks tumbling lessons backhand springs, uh, I will try over and over and over again. But something about connecting those back handsprings just felt very heavy to me. And so started getting stressed. I started losing patients anxious, so I stopped trying for a while. I would just go back inside and give up. But I don’t know. Part of me just loved what I was doing and so we got our lists, the stress. I just grew more and more on patients over time.

Did you ever try to skip back hand springs and just work on like round off tax and stuff?

Yes. That was the worst. The worst mistake anyone can make. The reason why is because, um, I believe in tumbling a handstand position is a position that you hit a lot in quite often and tumbling. And so me being OCD about skipping my backhand springs, I started laughing at my hand stands. So that being said, once I figured out the Hansen’s were the way to go, my patients fluid to the roof, I could do anything and not be so overly stressed about it.

And you know, kids hit these roadblocks and they, they either a want to skip it or B, they just want to quit all together. Jenks tumbling lessons, but what they don’t realize is that that roadblock is probably like, like, um, their final test. Like a lot of times if, if they get through that, if everything else has been easy, but they get through that one thing, that that’s when the doors open and that’s where they’re like the closest to greatness. Um, a lot of times, not every, not every athlete. Um, but I feel like that’s, that’s the case with a view that we’re working with right now. If they would just spend a little bit more time on, uh, what we want them to work on rather than what they want to work on, have a little bit more patients, um, that their success is right around the corner

and every athlete’s different. Kadana so it was backhand spring. Some people, it’s their tax like throwing their head back when they figured that out. Everything else comes naturally. Um, but it goes back to training. That’s why we make everybody do handstands as it does fix backhand springs. A lot of those kids who do have mental blocks or in their own heads probably can’t hold a handstand for a minute without, I mean dying or like shaking. It should be something that’s easy, that way you’re strengthening your backhand springs.

So that being said, um, guys, just please keep working on your handstands. Um, there are crucial, we really need work on them. Um, and if you do, I would love, love to challenge you guys to please challenge me to a handstand hold contests I’m today. Right now. I’m feeling so hot. I don’t think anyone’s going to be able to get this w from you. Right?

It sounds like a challenge or are we talking to him?

Stay on hold against the wall or not against the wall? Rusty. That’s a great Jenks tumbling lessons question. I love that question. Breastfeed. I want to say without the wall, without the wall, the better the body control, the better body control, the better the handstand.

Very good. So, so here’s your challenge for this week. Go home, work on your hand. Stands at home. They can be on the wall or off the wall. Work on those. And then challenge Cardonas to handstand contest. And if you guys are doing at me interest, he’ll jump into, um, I don’t know. How long has it been since you’ve done hold, uh, uh, held along handstand, uh, forever. Since being upside down that long. But I’ll hold it a minute and we’ll do it anyway. Uh, so if you’re interested in finding out more about us justice tumbling company, where the team, just the team justice, you can check out our Jenks tumbling lessons website. It’s justice tumbling co.com.

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And with that, we’ll see you next time on Tulsa tumble. Talk with justice tumbling company. See you later guys.