The cheerleading worlds was this weekend. And we’re going to talk about that.


Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we, your Jenks tumbling lessons Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your Jenks tumbling lessons hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breath slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Rusty, it was probably 11, 10 or 11 years ago. And, uh, we were at world’s ourselves.

Yes, I’ve gone three times and I got the pleasure of going three times way back in the day. Um, and now it’s a, a real big deal.

Yeah, I’ve gone twice and it’s like, you know, back in that time there were very, very, very few divisions and if you went to the cheerleading worlds, you were kind of a big deal. And, uh, and I remember staying at the wide world of sports and, and going, um, through Disney world, you know, with all the cheerleaders. It was a blast. It’s such a good time. Um, and, uh, we congratulate the winners and, and uh, we hope everybody had a good time. Yeah.

Congratulate everybody who got to go. It is an honor to get the just to go is a big deal. It is a fun competition. It’s, it’s a great thing to be a part of. It’s a huge deal. Now like we said and other people I know stay at home and like are watching it in groups, like having watch parties, watching their favorite team or if they’re a, or if they’ve gone in the past and they didn’t go this year, they’re crying, they’re crying or posting about it. They’re definitely making throwback posts without it. Um, even, I mean, school cheerleaders who don’t really have much to do or care about worlds cause it’s not something that school cheerleaders really get to be a part of. They’re still watching it at home and stuff like that. It’s crazy that that’s turned into that big of a deal. It is for the cheerleading,

um, uh, community. It’s, it’s like our Jenks tumbling lessons Superbowl pretty much,

well you don’t have an all star team, but I know we were doing privates and people were wanting it on our Jenks tumbling lessons TV in the lounge.

So, so with the cheerleading worlds, you know, there, there’s a lot of pressure that comes with competing at that kind of advise on, you know, a lot of big names. Like we said, people are literally having watch parties, watching the teams compete or um, you know, it’s just being left on, uh, in the living room or are at a gym at gyms everywhere. Um, and so that is, that’s a lot of pressure. ESPN has something to do with it, I think. And, uh,

no, we don’t have an all star team, Colton, but we do teach pressure. We do, we do, we do tumbling under pressure if we don’t. Uh, just because we don’t have an all star team doesn’t mean that we don’t coach all star athletes. So, um, art, we’ve had athletes who, who competed in the worlds a competition this weekend. Um, and so we do teach pressure. We teach pressure with the tryouts. We teach pressure with competitions. We teach pressure with your parents, maybe washing you or somebody else. At the end of every class we do like a show and tell type deal where you try to have put some pressure on some kids who are real close and just need that extra nudge. Sometimes that pressure is the one thing that’ll get that kid to throw a new skill. Yeah. And it turns into adrenaline. Um, and if you don’t know how to control that a journal and that, that pressure that you’re feeling, um, you know, it’s the kind of in your chest, you feel it, um, then it can be disastrous.

We want kids to know how to perform under pressure and we’ve done podcasts on this before. Um, but with the cheerleading worlds, that’s kind of, that’s a whole different game. Yes. That is about when it comes to your tumbling pals thoughts about the most pressure you can have on yourself, on your throat, in your Jenks tumbling lessons past, that pass better be mastered. Like we talked about, mastered a lot in our tumbling is that justice. Your entire path has to be mastered from the start, from the run. Cause you’re usually doing it with somebody to the stick and stand no movement. Because our worlds, they’re being very, very, very picky about cleaning up and landings and all that technique, all of that stuff, all that stuff. Another aspect of worlds is all the excitement. You know, your parents are coming, you’re going to Disneyworld, most teams to vacation unless you’re a team that’s right there in Florida.

Yeah. You’re traveling. So you have that vacation or like a trip tell you I’m feeling. Yeah, you got to remember that you’re there for a reason. Almost like it’s your job. You are there to perform and represent your squad, your Jenks tumbling lessons team, and it’s kind of like a job for you while you’re there. Uh, and with how picky they are at worlds, on technique and all that. Um, that’s why when athletes come in to our justice program, we are very, very, very picky on technique. Um, we will always correct arms by years, feed together, sticking and standing clean finishes. That’s the stuff we’re looking for a justice tumbling. And that’s why we want kids to master skills before moving on. So you can go with mastered skills and passes and compete at the top level. Well, and also whenever you come into our gym, we asked you, we give you a sheet and we’re like, Hey, what is it you’re tumbling for? Are you tumbling for high school? Are you in an all star program? What does it, what is it? You’re just tumbling first. Fine. Yeah. Um, what is it that you’re, that you’re trying to accomplish with joining our classes or our Jenks tumbling lessons privates? Um, and

when you tell us you’re an all star cheerleader, we can kind of mold the program to fit your Jenks tumbling lessons needs, um, individually. So that’s a lot of specialty stuff. That’s punched fronts, um, whips, Arabians, step outs, all kinds of stuff like that. That adds a little bit of a flair to your routine or your role.

Totally pass every skill. Having a certain amount of technique that the on the score sheet, the techniques score that we’re looking for. So that’s the setting with arms by years with head looking forward, leg straight and layouts that nobody likes working layouts

but not to mention your performance and your, your uh, pop look to the crowd, big smile, open mouth, uh, that stuff at all. The all star teams like you PR

performing at that top level to where hopefully your Jenks tumbling lessons team goes out worlds and you can represent not only your team but when you are one of our athletes representing justice as well. By using good tumbling technique.

Rusty. We’ll, what’s one of your fondest memories of the worlds?

My fondest memories of worlds. Oh Man. Uh, I always liked the big competition. I was always kind of a loner, pretty much stuck to myself. So, uh, when I was there I was there for, for the competitions. Yeah. I always love just the, the big competition part of it. And uh, if we got to make it today too and doing it,

they, they’d too. But if you didn’t, at least, you know, you had, you had Disney world,

but they’re the, the best part was just being with friends, being able to go travel with friends. That was fun. That team aspect. Yeah.

And Eh, you know, uh, we talk about justice being a family when you’re on that, that squad and you’re traveling, um, the, as much as you do, they become your Jenks tumbling lessons family. And, and, um, one of my fondest memories was both before and after. Um, we competed. It’s, you know, your team getting together and have like the really deep conversations. The, um, the, the powwows, the group huddles. Yeah. You know, you go to one athletes room who’s like kind of taken charge is like the leader or whatever. And um, w we, you just kind of talk about the seriousness of and the weight of where we are, what we’re doing, why we came there, why are parents paid hundreds of dollars that make us there to get us there. Um, and, uh, and that was the coolest part of it. And then remembering all that stuff right when you’re about to go back on. Um, those few moments, right at rapport, you walk onto the mat. Uh, those are, I’m getting chills just thinking about it, whether it’s state or nationals or worlds. That is that, those are an amazing, that’s an amazing time. Yeah.

Enjoy. Myu Can, if it’s your junior year going into senior year, really, really take the time to enjoy your last worlds and all that cause all the years later, I mean, we went together, we own a business together now and we still talk about it. Yeah. It’s something you will always remember.

You know, it might be the glory days back then, but uh, yeah, I mean live be in the moment. Don’t just be on your phones and I’m looking at the, the, you know, cheer updates or whatever, be in the moment. Take, take. Just take a second and look around. You see the people who are there and just enjoy that moment with them. Um, right before you guys go on to the competition or whatever it might be, uh, just enjoy it because you won’t ever get those times back once they’re gone. Amen. Anyway, if you’re interested in finding out more about us just as tumbling company or Colton Rusty, you can check out our Jenks tumbling lessons website. It’s just as dumb lingo dot gum

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