Today we’re going to give you just an idea of what it’s like to be a coach, not just the justice tumbling coach, but a coach in general and what we kind of deal with regularly.

hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts Coulton cruise and rusty breath slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right. Now our Jenks tumbling lessons job as coaches, we’re gonna kind of give you some insight on, on what we see, what we deal with and kind of what we do every single day. Um, hopefully just to help you understand where we come from and why we’re maybe giving you the information that we give you

that or why it’s, some parents are so confused why they’re athlete learns at the pace they do or all that. Um, this podcast will kind of explain us as coaches, athletes, we see, um, and some reasoning behind some of the things we do. Uh, now Colton, how often at the, in our Jenks tumbling lessons classes or even in private, um, how rare is it that you get a kid that comes in and just says, I’ve never tumbled before in my life. This is just completely new. I’m,

um, so out of the, uh, eight months that we’ve been open, I think we’ve had maybe five or less.

Yeah, it’s rare. A lot of the time us as coaches, it’s, it’s not just developing new skills or new technique. We on something and that’s never worked on it. It’s not like a blank canvas. Um, those are my favorite kind of athletes to work with is just developing from scratch.

I’ve never gotten any bad technique being taught or you know,

anything like that. A lot of the time we ended up our Jenks tumbling lessons main job as coaches becomes fixing like fixing bad habits these athletes developed on their own, on trampolines or at other gyms where coaches just kind of want that next skill and don’t really take time to masters skills or critique the little things. So when they come into our Jenks tumbling lessons gym at justice, a lot of the time us as coaches spend so much time, um, fixing, correcting, redoing, and then in a parent’s eyes it can look like it’s taking a long time for their kid.

Yeah. Well it, you, you said a perfect word before we started the podcast. You said it’s like where mechanics and, and uh, and that, that was the perfect example of what we do. We’re not selling you new cars most of the time where we’re fixing the old ones, we’re not building a car from scratch would be so much easier. Yeah. Now we’re having to go

in, find the one thing that’s wrong, tear it sometimes to hear the whole car apart, just to find that one thing. And we literally have to do that with athletes.

And so with round offs or backhand springs, um, those are, those are, those are skills that kids have, we’ll throw for their entire tumbling career. So I don’t care if you’re doing, um, whips and doubles, uh, you’re still going to be throwing back hand springs and especially round offs. Um, so for us to see your Jenks tumbling lessons round off where your backhand spring that maybe you’ve had for a few years, then we’re having to fix the little things and make it stronger and uh, or longer or whatever it might be. Um, and that takes time. But once, once you feel comfortable with that new round off that new backhand spring and a, and you’ve what we called mastered it again, then you’re going to progress pretty quickly.

Absolutely. And some parents come in looking for that. Like that’s what they’re looking for is the fix on the technique on the little things. Some aren’t. And some come in and we have to have awkward conversations with the private shoot. I, one of mine was like, uh, at the other gym rat, she was working techs and I was like, ah, well I, I don’t feel comfortable letting her attack cause her around off is like wild. Her backhand spring is crazy. Sorry. If we can fix those, it’ll be a lot easier to continue to move through the progression.

Yeah. Not the kind of, uh, not the kind of round off her back hand spring that we would be letting kids do tucks out of. Uh, so we kind of need to take some steps back and I w this podcast is going to be good for parents to listen to. Um, give you guys some understanding on, on what we do now

and even athletes like, Oh yes, this is why we worked certain drills, why we have a drill set up, why we do warmups, why we continue to preach, get your feet together, arms by your ears. Um, it’s, it’s our job as coaches to not let any bad habits develop along the way, especially if you are in our Jenks tumbling lessons gym for months at a time.

Well, and when we were growing up, uh, mental box wasn’t a thing. I mean, I’d never even heard of it. Um, now it’s so common and a lot of kids come to us looking to get there, get unblocked, you know. Um, and so we’re working on that. We’re, uh, and I think that comes from these, this new age of coaching where they’re not really in it for the kids there. It’s just another job for them. And what they want is to post on social media all the, all the skills that they’re getting and um, and without taking in account that that kid is, is, might be throwing around off, you know, backhand spring tech. Um, but in reality they haven’t even master’s backhand springs and they’re, they’re offs are crazy. Coaches are just parents pleasers. They just want the parent to see, oh, your kid was doing five backhand springs, but they can’t do one by themselves.

I can spot anybody on a almost a full that does, I’m good at. That means I’m good at my job. That doesn’t mean they’re good at their job and I need the athletes to be good at their job. That’s, that’s the thing is on trampolines we could get, uh, just about anybody to learn how to do a back tuck. That does not mean that we’d be able to get them to do a backpack on the floor or that it would be safe for them to do it on the floor. Um, we can, I could, we both could spot, uh, you on 20 back backhand springs and then with a full at the end. But that’s not helping the athlete that’s making us look cool and look good. And a lot of parents are just like, Ooh and Aah at that. But the fact is is that um, the coach should be having your athlete’s best interest at heart and if it’s getting them skills as fast as possible, that’s not it.

That’s not it. And parents think that that’s the way that’s, that’s how it should be. That that if my kid is getting skills quickly, that’s, that’s now I’m getting my money’s worth. But that’s not always the case. Those coaches, our job is to sit here and make sure kid masters I skill to where the kid can do that skill. I’m pretty much the rest of their lives. Yeah. Yeah. No blocking, not even asking for spots anymore. Never moving backwards, always progressing forward. That’s our job as coaches. We, we get those athletes were returned into where we’re fixing. But the best thing in the world is getting that blank canvas. A kid who’s determined, a kid who’s coachable and being able to start from scratch. Yeah. Well, and you know, we talked about getting new skills and stuff. That is something that happens frequently whenever, once you start mastering those skills and you work on the little things, we did a podcast about how the little things matter in tumbling.

And it does, they do, um, everything from your stretches to your warmups. They get you through it. They, they, uh, they train your body in the right positions and puts you in that mindset of doing the right thing in your tumbling. So the absolutely worst thing that you could do, um, is just assume that we’re trying to hold your athlete back. Um, that’s what this all really comes down to. We, we are absolutely not in the business of holding kids back and, and keeping them from, uh, from achieving greatness. We want them to achieve greatness and we will help them every step of the way. But with that we might have to go back and fix some things. And as that parent, um, we can assure you that we have nothing but your Jenks tumbling lessons athletes, your child’s interest at heart, they’re their best interest is all we care about.

Absolutely. Anytime you step through the justice door, any coach that is coaching your Jenks tumbling lessons athlete, we can promise that their main goal is to better your athlete, to make sure your athlete is safe and having fun while still learning.

Absolutely. Um, so this is just been a little bitty window into our job as coaches and just giving parents and athletes the, an idea of, of what we do and what our Jenks tumbling lessons goals are and where we want you to be and where we want to be ourselves. Um, so if you’re interested in finding out more about us, you can check out our Jenks tumbling lessons website. It’s just tumbling

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please, please, please, we love those Google reviews. Um, and we’ll see you next time on Tulsa Templeton with justice tumbling.