Welcome back to another weekly update. This is weekly update number 17, and we’re going to be going over some things that happen throughout the week that we wanted to bring to you and hopefully give you some insight and help you get through some stuff that you might be going through. Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your Jenks tumbling lessons hosts Coulton cruise and rusty breaths slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right. Now to start us off on this weekly update, I wanted to, uh, bring up an athlete who I had this week and um, she is not just, this is not just for her, this is for, um, a bunch of athletes who have maybe been dealing with this.

Uh, she’s been working on the same skill for probably two years now, two years, and um, has not made any progress on a standing tuck. Um, so whenever she’s in the gym, whether it’s privates or classes, all she wants to work is that standing tuck. Well, she also has a round off tuck but is not capable of throwing around up back hand spring tech because her back hand springs aren’t where they should be. Um, and there her backhand springs aren’t where they should be, probably because her round off is not where it should be. Um, and so, you know, whenever I try to work with her on these other, other things such as a round off her back hand spring, she just gets frustrated. Um, and she pretends to care, but she doesn’t really care. Now she’s pretty close to the end of her high school career and I know that she’s wanting to cheer in college. Um, but you know, even though I bring that up, she’s still only wants to work standing Tux and she’s got a round off textures. He’s happy with that. Well, what we are here to tell you is that you’ve just got to listen to your Jenks tumbling lessons coach. You, it comes down to it. You just have to listen. You got to take what they say and apply it. Um, I just don’t know what else to say. Like it’s, it’s a, it’s a tough spot for parent, for, at, for athlete and for coach.

It’s a weird deal y’all. Some athletes have to hear the same techniques, same critique over and over for years before it clicks. And every athlete learns out at their own pace. But those athletes who take that long for it to click, it can be a stress is it’s a grind. Um, some kids never want to fix their technique and like you said, they only want to work one certain skill. And even in that scale, they’re so stuck on the way they’re doing it. Yeah, it takes forever. And then they get mad that boys get skills so quick. Real boys don’t take that long for a click. You tell a boy to fix something. They tried to fix it right there.

Well, and here’s the thing is that

I didn’t start working with her. She started at other gyms and she got her technique from multiple different coaches. So she’s just, even though they’ve told her before, you know, you need a real stretch out your round off or whatever, I be, she still, uh, still tends to only do this like the shortest round off and mind you, this girl is, is taller than me, so, so she’s got, she needs to have a really, really long round off. Um, so moving forward, if you are one of those athletes who’s been working on a skill for two years, like I tell any athlete that’s been stuck on a skill that long, it’s obviously time to try something dramatically new. If you’ve been doing working something that long and it hasn’t gotten better, um, you need to change your conditioning or diet,

your whole mindset probably. Uh, and that’s the best advice that we can give you. If you’re stuck on it for two years either, you know, there’s something deep inside that we’ve got to kind of, um, go after and try to change.

Yes. And it comes down to just trusting your Jenks tumbling lessons couch. Like you said, trusting that the technique we are giving you is going to work. Yeah. I’m trusting the homework. We give you the conditioning when it comes to this type of conditioning. Conditioning. Homework is probably the most important for that skill. Um, trusting your Jenks tumbling lessons coach goes along with one of our Jenks tumbling lessons other topics. I’m one of my privates. She’s been working on a full, um, we’ve been going about it the way that you started it was going belly and I’m trying to move through belly to finish a yesterday’s had to stand on the other side and do it more like a half and definitely a scary the first time doing it like that with the coach on the other side when you’re so used term spinning and when you’re so used to spinning into, I’m trying to spin on the opposite side but ended up being a lot better than it was seven.

And, and you know, it brings us back to that first athlete that we were talking about. Um, doing the things that might be scary. That’s, that’s one thing that she, uh, she did you, rusty was standing on the other side and I watched it and, um, and it freaked her out a little bit, but she overcame it. Like she saw that there was a little bit of fear there. There’s those, it was a little bit of hesitation, but she trusted her coach and she went for it. And she did almost exactly the way you asked her to for the first time. That was, I mean, for that first time that she threw it. So,

and then after that, I mean, it became more and more natural to where it wasn’t such a freak out every time I was able to just comfortably go for it. And then we were able to move their crash mats here is doing it onto, so trust your couch, listened to the technique. Even if that technique feels very weird when you’re doing it, no matter what, just try cause it’ll work out.

That brings us to the next, uh, the next athlete that kind of stood out to us this week. Um, she’s in my class, she’s young. She’s, uh, I think eight or nine. Um, and she’s just quiet, but she works hard. She, uh, whenever I’m spotting her, she does everything I ask her to and then I’m like, okay, it’s time to, it’s time to step away. And uh, once, once I step away all of the good technique, everything that I was bragging on her about kind of goes away and she goes to that, uh, crazy autopilot autopilot where it just, she just throws that head back. Um, and it just looks crazy. Now whenever I’m spotting her, I’m barely doing anything but she’s comfortable with a coach there. That’s one thing we want to kind of try to get away from his kids being comfortable with the coach instead of being comfortable with themselves and having confidence in themselves.

Yes. Unfortunately we don’t get to be there at tryouts. We don’t get to be their competition. So yes, you have to be comfortable throwing it without a coach.

Yeah. We might be there for your Jenks tumbling lessons tryouts, but we’re, we’re going to be judging you, not, not spotting you. Just be mindful of that.

And that’s how you get new skills is doing the technique the way that we train it and then it is less scary. You get skills more naturally. Um, flinging your head back. And autopilot is the one

well, and, and like I said, she is totally capable of throwing a round off back handspring tag by herself. It that, like I said, that tech, whenever I go down to a spider, it’s, it sets high and it’s, it’s tight. Um, and then whenever I step away, it just looks like a backhand spring with no hands and is, it just drives me crazy. So focus on the technique that we teach you. Fear replaces technique. What I mean by that is that if you have that fear inside of you for this new seal, it’s, it’s going to kind of push out all of the good technique that we taught you to keep you safe, which is kind of contradicting because usually people are afraid because they’re afraid of getting hurt. But our Jenks tumbling lessons technique that we teach is the most safest way to, um, achieve these skills and get these skills on your own. So I remember that. Don’t, don’t let your fear creep in and a and don’t let doubt creep in and start pushing out the, the good technique that we’ve taught you

and just trust your Jenks tumbling lessons coach. All three of those strengths, your code boil down to trusting your coach and trusting the technique. I mean, that’s all it is. Um, our last thing and we’ll go over before we’re done with this podcast, is getting new skills. I did have a novice class yesterday that mean Kadana us. We’re on together. That got like four, four or five new skills. Um, so when I pulled them in at the end, I made sure to go over with them and getting new skills. We had like four or five girls throw a backhand springs for the first time. Like I told them, I do not expect them, this was their first night throwing him to go home and over the week practice thought on their trampoline. That is the worst thing they can do until they get comfortable and they master that backhand spring and they’re the correct technique. Um, more often than not. Then I told them I will start telling them it’s okay to practice at home, get reps in on the trampoline as long as they’re using the technique we teach. Cause I don’t know how many times we’ll get a new skill and then a week later they come in and it looks nothing like what they did at. Um, and it just goes back to just going home telling their mom and dad they can do it and be like, well spot me or just do it on. I’ve watched it on the trailer.

Why you have to pay for someone to spot you? Is there a reason why you have to pay for tumbling classes and privates? Do not let your Jenks tumbling lessons parents bought you. We’ve gone over that before. You’ve heard us say that before. Just remember that. And it’s not because we want your money, it’s just because we want you to stay safe and not end up with stitches or in the hospital or something like that. So anyway. Also, um, we want you to look out for our new summer camp schedule. We’re going to be posting that very soon. Um, we’re going to be doing two camps per month, um, over the summer. So get in with those and, uh, and get some new skills. Yeah, it comes to this over the summer. So anyway, if you’re interested in finding out more about us justice tumbling company or Colton and rusty, you can check out our Jenks tumbling lessons website. It’s just as tumbling co.com

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And then we’ll see you next time on Tulsa tumble. Talk with justice tumbling company.