Today, we are going to be talking about the weird world of tumbling rituals, things that kids think they need when they really don’t. Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Jenks tumbling lessons Tulsa tumbling experts answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, Coulton cruise and Rusty Brett slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Now, tumbling rituals. Uh, you know, you may not know exactly what I mean by we mean by tumbling rituals. A rusty give us some insight on what that means.

Yes, let’s go. Let’s do a deep dive into one that I can think of off the bat. Have you ever been in a private, just in the gym, you in an athlete, nobody else. And before that, athletes starts, say they’re standing paths. They’ll look behind him like maybe three different times they, and it’s like a compulsion. They have to do it. And then the very next pass, same thing. Nobody else in the gym in the same tech. It’s like girl, where we’re literally the only ones in this jam and they have to do at the same or like in a running paths. A kid all have to, all right. They’re doing a full, you’ll see him standing in the corner and like throw their arms over to the side. Like they’re imitating us spin. And I’m like, first of all, that’s not the spin I’m teaching you at all. Yeah. But it’s a ritual they have to do. Silly little rituals. Have you seen any,

I’ve seen ones where, um, they do like a weird couple of like Gallup’s before they go. I don’t know. Like they, they before they run and, and it Kinda like makes their pass a lot longer than it needs to, but they’ve got to like make sure that they step with the right foot. And so they do like this weird skip before they start their run for their round off. Um, there’s a couple though. There’s some, there’s some,

we’re not a weird ones. Like some people, yeah, I’ll have to like mess with their hair before they go. Or it’s weird. Every kid has their certain little rituals. Um, I know one girl before she throws a full sheet of literally asked to sit there and hyper self up for like a good solid two minutes and her mom gives her crap for it all the time because it just, she, it’s unneeded. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. But like we talked about earlier, when it comes through a routine, a lot of the times that you don’t have time to do those little rituals like that

and so practicing, I’m like, that is just setting you up for failure in a, in a routine. Because when, when you got a choreographer building a routine, he’s not going to say, okay, we’re going to let Sally sue do her little ritual before she goes. It’s not going to happen like that.

It’s very rare. You might be standing in the corner waiting for your Jenks tumbling lessons pass or something, but even then it looks awkward if you’re doing some crazy ritual over there. A lot of this stuff is on counts so you won’t have, especially standing, you won’t have time to turn around and see if somebody is behind you are. So there are these little silly rituals that some people do that are, it’s funny cause everybody has own little ones and sometimes when it comes to competition or routines, kids don’t even think about him. It’s only when it’s in tumbling classes are privates. That’s where all these weird little things start showing up.

And I, I actually, um, just thought of another one. There was a girl and I don’t remember, I don’t even remember what she was throwing, but she like, uh, like popped her neck like six times before she went. And, and you know, I, I just popped my neck just kind of doing what she did, but it’s not going to pop again. Like if she just kept doing it, I want to say it was that one of our Jenks tumbling lessons schools or something. And I just said, girl, how many times you go pop your neck before you go. And it, you know, it’s just, it’s not needed. Those things are not neat. And it becomes almost a, a, a ritual, but it’s an obsession where it’s like I have to do, or, um, I have to wear the socks for, for competition. Okay.

I landed my tuck the first time in these, I got to work at, all

right, I got to wear those socks all the time. It’s, it’s just, it’s not needed. Here’s the thing, here’s what you need to have confidence and don’t have confidence in these rituals and say, oh, I, I can’t tumble unless I do this. Think, think about the confidence in your, in your Jenks tumbling lessons technique and your skill and your conditioning. That’s what is most important. So I mean, obviously this is a lighter topic, so we’re going to keep it light. Um, and it’s fun because did, you know, try to try to think of some tumbling rituals yourself that you’ve seen people do. Um,

but on another side, think of it as from a tumbling coaches, our Jenks tumbling lessons point of view, if we have a class of eight people and all eight people have a certain ritual they have to do before they go, think how much time that is wasting in a class or even a private on one. On one. Yeah. Not just for you, but for the other kids, for when your parents are paying money for a private, if you have a ritual that you have to do before every path, your parent can sit there and add that up and let literally amount that $2. And if that is adding up, that is not good. If you don’t be unhappy about,

if you don’t think that your parents do that, uh, you’d probably be mistakes. They’re thinking. Yeah.

So there are those silly little rituals. But when we were talking about those topics, there were thinking about it. There are like,


almost rituals that kids get in the habit. They become more habits that end up really hurting kids.

Tell me about like cowboying and a standing tuck or doing an extra bounce before they do any standing tumbling at all.

Hop some steps, starting with arms up, starting with your arms a certain way. These things are almost just like rituals that aren’t needed that actually ended up hurting your temper,

especially in a routine because we have kids who learned backhand springs or back tucks starting with their arms directly out in front of them, like, like they’re about to die right into a pole Frankenstein Zombie like, um, and then if you ask them, why do you do that? Do you know? Well, Mike, um, one of my old coaches told me to start like that. Do you think that they could tell, tell you why? No, they can’t. There’s no reason to her choreographer going to let you start like, no, absolutely not. Now there are choreography, the choreography in, um, in all star where they want you to slap clap and step back with your arms forward. Uh, we wouldn’t suggest the learning that way, but if it’s choreography, then that’s something that’s added later and you should, you should have that. Um, anti ritual aspects that, so that you know that, okay, if, if my choreographer tells me I have to do this, then I do it and it doesn’t, it’s not weird.

It’s not, it’s not anything different. Or you know, the rituals where it’s like, I have to take three steps, I have to start with my left leg and there’s like a robot. And if they go do any more than that, it’s, this throws them off and they can’t round off. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. I tell kids, okay, if, if we’re doing a drill or we’re doing something, this right here, I’m going to put a piece of like taped down. This piece of tape is where you round off and they can’t figure it out. They, it’s like they go over it or they go away before it and that’s where they do hands on.

This can naturally figure out the spacing and where to put their hands. It’s weird, but then some literally will have to spend like five to 10 minutes figuring out spacing. Yeah.

Yeah. Did you ever do any rituals when you were, again,

I’m trying to do, and that’s why I was gonna say are usually as an athlete you should challenge yourself when you’re tumbling next time. See if you have any

yeah. To think about it.

Thinking about my Jenks tumbling lessons, I don’t think I do. I remember if I was ever nervous about a path, I did look down at my dare devil tattoo. Yeah. Cause it’s, I guess,

yeah, the whole point of that was the man without fear. Yeah. I mean I think the only thing I ever do is like, I’ll stand back and I’ll take it like a deep breath and then go and like within, within that deep breath time frame, I know that I have to go as soon as that deep breath is done. Um, some kids might count. I actually will, uh, suggest counting for blocks or thing, other things that are going on. They, um, they’ll start, they’ll get up on the mat and they’ll say three, two, one go. Um, that might become a ritual. But I think that’s one of the lighter ones that it may be. If that’s what you need to get you going, then that’s okay.

And daisy ritual that as you get comfortable with that

cut out, cut out that next time I’m going to do it without counting or something like that. You know?

So yeah. A challenge yourself, see if you have any rituals and then see if you can do it without your Jenks tumbling lessons ritual. Like you guys eventually in a routine. Like I said, a lot of kids probably don’t even think about it when it comes to the routine about during the ritual. Yeah. Um, so yeah, but if you, if you do have one of those rituals of starting with your arms up, starting arms in front of you, hopping before you go, stepping before you go

tumbling from one corner, only only time from one corner, only being able to tumble on the line or the space, whatever that is. That is an issue. That’s a choreographer is not going to care if you only like tumbling on a line or more on this one. Clear. If he or she needs you want to space or in a different corner, they don’t care. They’re not going to change the entire, you know, at pyramid just so you can end up on your Jenks tumbling lessons corner. It doesn’t work like that. Absolutely. So if you have one of those rituals or habits than definitely work on eliminating those as quickly as possible. I know that this week we’ve been talking a lot about Alphas, we’ve kind of brought that up, but that, that’s just one more thing that a coach can look at you and be like, man, she or he does whatever I tell them, no questions asked.

No, nothing will hinder them from doing the past that I asked them to do. That. That sets you apart. That’s going to set you apart at a job interview that’s going to set you apart with your boss from your other, the other, there are other employees that just not having those rituals are those devices. We just got one. Bam. Um, not having those vices for, um, for t to make sure that you do it correctly. We’ll, we’ll make you a much more versatile athlete and uh, you’ll be able to overcome a lot. Absolutely. Just yet. Alpha this reacts. Exactly right. That’s exactly right. So, Jenks tumbling lessons, if you’re interested in finding out more about us, rusty and Colton or justice demolition company, you can check out our Jenks tumbling lessons website. It’s just assembling or you can find us on Facebook and Instagram. And if you have a Google account, we would love it if you left us an objective Google review to let us know how we’re doing. We need those Google reviews. It really helps us out. And, uh,

we will see you next time on Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company.