Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Jenks tumbling lessons Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts Coulton cruise and rusty breath slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Today we’re going to be going over the, uh, the topic of going the extra mile and in what exactly does that mean?

Yes, going the extra mile and how it relates to tumbling. Um, there are different kinds of athletes. Some athletes are self driven, self motivated. They are so hungry for those skills to progress through the progressions that they will literally do anything we say. Like our word is God. Not that it’s not, we’re not that we’re not done, but kid those athletes and kids, yes, they, everything we say, every drill we do, they do those drills out with 100% of whether we’re watching or not. Um, going the extra mile. These are also the athletes who do every bit of homework that we give them at home or even extra. They go above and beyond and do conditioning on their own that we don’t even give them.

I would consider these al these athletes, uh, alphas, our Jenks tumbling lessons Alpha Alphas

and very rare. It is rare. It’s few and far between that you see athletes like this. Um, we had one yesterday in classes. We did have drills set up on the side. Um, when we were working with her on the actual spotting part, she was every critique we gave, she was so hungry for it. Like she was like, thank you. Thank you. Okay. And then watching her after she did the drills instead of waiting in line, like even though there was one person in front of her and she was next to go, instead of just waiting, she was laying down because she was working layouts, laying down and working a hollow body hold on her own. Um, and that’s something you don’t see a lot, but I can promise you that athlete is going to go very, very far. And that’s what justice tumbling we train. We want the majority of our Jenks tumbling lessons athletes to be that kind of athlete because that’s the athlete that’s, it’s really hard to run into blocks. It’s really hard to backtrack and lose skills. Um, when you are that kind of athletes

and it comes down to motivation. If you have a motivation to get, get a skill within a certain time or you have this goal set that is that motivation, you know, hold to it and stay true to it and, and don’t look away from it. Keep that as your, as your way point and keep going. Keep pushing. I was actually having a conversation with a different athlete just last night about something very, very similar. Um, and so some people say, okay, if I have energy of 100% of backhand, spring only takes about 30%. So whenever I’m warming up or I’m doing this round off back handspring, I will give 30%. Um, and, and that is the wrong way to look at tumbling. We need to look at tumbling. Like we’re going to give 100% every single time. And when I say 100%, I don’t mean like 100% of what it takes to do a backhand spring.

I want you to go in and run and give me power and give me a round off, uh, and a single back hand spring like you’re running and doing a round off for 10 backhand springs every single time. If you’re doing roundup, backhand, Spring Tuck, I want you to set and pull your knees, um, with the same amount of energy that you’re thinking that you would be doing like a standing full or a round off back handspring full or something like that going above and beyond or like a double Tuck, like a double back. That’s, that’s what you need to push for. Always give more than you actually need and that’s going to take you very, very, very far. And that’s kind of results the same way in conditioning. Always do more than you actually need.

Yes, don’t do the bare minimum. If you’re doing a standing tech and you are just giving yourself just enough to make it to your toes, eventually that’s enough feel really uncomfortable. It’s hard to stick and stay on. It’s harder to clean up, always train more, always trained more.

And, and here’s the thing is that you, you might need a EC two step round off back handspring, Tuck, but while you’re training it, let’s give it a full run. Let’s give it a full run so that you have, um, you have an idea of, of where, where our Jenks tumbling lessons technique is going, where your arms need to be, where your knees need to be, that’s going to help. If you’re slow, then you’re not going to be able to work on the proper techniques. It doesn’t, it, it’s hard.

It’s hard to do. They should learn it and then put it into a two step petted under a power hurdled train yourself comes into, first of all that

it comes back into our Jenks tumbling lessons progressions. If you have a round off back handspring, rebound with a run, running round off, back handspring, rebound, um, then the next thing that you should be working on is mastering a two step round off back handspring, rebound, then a power hurdle round off, back handspring, rebound. Um, and, and with that, you’ll be able to give 100% every single time and you will get something out of it. We, we did a podcast, uh, got it feels like years ago, but it’s, it’s called more in, more out and that’s episode 63. Um, and yeah, like I said, it feels like it is it long time ago anyway. More and more out means the more that you put in, the more you’ll get out of it. If you put in 100% or 110 or 120%, every single pass you throw, it doesn’t matter what you’re throwing. If you put it in, you will get that out of it and you’re training your body to do so. So we’re creating good habits to keep pushing forward and getting new skills.

Absolutely. So going the extra mile, I feel like a lot of athletes are just born with that. Some athletes, like we said, it’s very rare that it’s there already, but I think it is something that is, can be trained, trainable. So if it is trainable, um, what are some things they can do for the extra mile?

First, I think that whenever you hear the word conditioning, don’t, don’t get upset about it. Don’t slouch. And, and being like, Oh man, I don’t want to do it. Your attitude starts where, where your attitude is, is, um, where you’re going to, we did, we did another podcast actually about your attitude. You are our future. And that is podcast number 25. So if you’ve been along the way with us, then you’ve heard these already. Go back and listen to them. Um, because we’re constantly bringing new ideas to the table in ourJenks tumbling lessons  podcast. So that’s why we wanted to throw that out there. Um, but yeah, your attitude is how you started. If you have a bad attitude about tumbling, you’re going to tumble terrible. You had a bad attitude about conditioning, it’s going to feel terrible. Right? But if you have a positive attitude, we have, we have those few, like I said, Alphas who, whenever we mentioned conditioning, they get excited about it. They’re like, yes, it’s swimsuit season. I want to look good. I want to, I want to feel good, I want to tumble better. Give me some conditioning. I want more.

So to go the extra mile doing your Jenks tumbling lessons homework during the conditioning, whatever we tell, if it’s during a class and as a station we’re having you do a certain conditioning, it’s to condition those muscles that you need for whatever skill we’re doing. Um, so like you said, go the extra mile on during your conditioning when doing drills. If you want to be that athlete, that Alpha that goes the extra mile, do the drills, but do them with a hundred percent effort. Like making sure if it’s a drill that involves arms by your ears, your arms are actually by your ears, feet are together

and, and there’s no, no, there’s no doubt that we’ll notice. Um, we will definitely notice, but don’t do it for us. Do it for yourself. Because when you are that outfit, you step up and you make those decisions and you add a little extra drill in to something that we didn’t even tell you that is your, you’re, when you’re in college, you’re, your Jenks tumbling lessons professional professors will notice when you’re in your action, you’re an adult and your job, your boss will notice, um, go the extra mile, do things that is not asked of you. Okay, go above and beyond

that and ask questions. Communicate. We’d bring up, communicate a lot. Um, but there are those, the Alpha athletes that even after we give them a critique, they almost come back and they’re like, what is something else that I can work on? What else needs to be fixed in this path? Um, those are the Alphas also. Those are the same people that, um, say I video in a class or a private, that person will contact me and say, can you send me that video? Yeah. Yes. Cause that athlete is sitting there at home taking time out of their day to sit there and watch that video and really see what went right, what went wrong. And remember the critiques we gave them with that video to see what she needs to fix it or he needs a fix next time they come in.

I had an athlete who, um, actually comes from Edmond. He lives in Edmond. And uh, not, not to meet, to give a pun or anything like this, but if he drives the extra mile to come and work, um, at our Jenks tumbling lessons gym, but his mom actually sets out there and this is something he wants. He wants her to record every single pass, every pride that we have. It’s four full hour. Um, they’re recording it so that he can take it home and learn from every thing that he did a, and so it, you know, it just, it just shows there’s a difference between the, the, you know, the regular people and, and those Alphas.

Absolutely. So I challenge everybody who listens to this podcast. The next class you’re in, next private, you’re in, um, really try to be that athlete that goes the extra mile. Try to communicate, ask what else did you can work on. Um, take a video of your past. Really actually take time to study that. Uh, do the conditioning at home. Really give 110% on the drills if it’s a class, cause like Colton said, we will notice. But I promise if you do that, you’re going to notice a difference in your Jenks tumbling lessonstumbling as well.

Absolutely. Anyway, so this has been Tulsa temple talk. Uh, if you’re interested in finding out more about us, you can check out our Jenks tumbling lessonswebsite. It’s justice tumbling co.com.

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