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Yes, this is rusting. Colton coming to you through the podcast. Today we’re going to be talking about committing to your skills. We should call this the tumble verse. The tumbled tumbled over and it’s over committing to your Jenks tumbling lessons skills. Now Colton, can you give us a little rundown on what committing to your Jenks tumbling lessons skills is going to be about?

Okay, so let me start this off the right way. We work with hundreds of athletes on a weekly basis, right? So we are seeing all kinds of different people coming into our gym. And unfortunately there are some of those who will come up to tumble and something will be off. Something will be weird and they’ll just kind of bail or stop or kind of just quit. Right? So the, the, the reason why we wanted to make this podcast is because we see it all the time and there has to be a commitment made to those two year skills. Now we’ve done a podcast before over committing and consistency. Um, so we’re going to touch base on a couple of those. But this is, I mean to you, I mean directly your skills, your Jenks tumbling lessons commitment that you’re making. As soon as you take off, you are committed to throwing your skill no matter what happens,

no matter what. Like you said, whether it’s a bad day, whether something felt weird in the round off, it’s important to be able to finish your skill to commit to that skill. Why is that so important? Because if you’re in a routine, if something, God forbid that round off fills really weird, you can’t just stop. That’s an omission. And that’s a big deduction. So if it feels weird, you have to know your technique and know your body so well that even if something’s weird, you’re able to finish the past and make it look as good as possible. That’s where justice tumbling, we always practice that. We always teach that. Um, to always commit to always go into it with a purpose. Like you have it in your mind that you are competing.

And here’s the thing, in tumbling, there isn’t a choice. You either go or you don’t. You either take off run and do your skill or you step out of the way and let somebody else go. Um, I tell kids all the time, if you are feeling like you’re doubting yourself, to sit there in the corner and just overthink it is the worst thing you can do. Okay?

Absolutely. No, I remember I have a novice class and when a kid’s about to go, just to make sure the kids ready, they’re in. I’m like, are you ready? And she was like, now and I look, and this is a kid that does stop on our Jenks tumbling lessons timeline. I was like, I’m not even going to let you tumble right now. Now you’re already mentally defeating yourself.

But that’s where the communication, good for her. Good on her for con con, communicating that to you, but still take a, take a step back. Step off the mat. Okay. Count to three so you can step back on the mat and be ready to go. Um, because here’s what happens. If you are not committing to your skills, then your skills are committing to the coach that you have next to you. You have, you’re committing your skills or your skills or committing to that maybe the corner that you’re at or the floor that you’re on or the gym that you’re in. And that’s not what we need. We need you to commit to your skills, not commit to a gym or a person or a type of floor that you’re on. Don’t, don’t commit to those things. Those are the things that will change consistently. Maybe one day, uh, uh, colon, rusty will be abducted by aliens and you’re going to need to be able to keep going with your Jenks tumbling lessons progress with somebody else or somewhere else or on a different floor.

And that can’t, that can’t be your determining factor on how you tumble. Remember that? That’s, that is so important. Um, and then you know, if you are one of those kids who constantly stop and you’re not committing out of that round off, you’re not coming out of that backhand spring that you are telling your body that it’s okay to stop. And it’s okay. And sometimes, unfortunately when you’ve told your body that over and over again, you can’t control when it stops. And it might be in the middle of attack, the middle of a layout, middle of a full, and you just open up and freak out. Your body will kind of spazz and, and, and it’s because you’ve trained it to do that.

And then it’s, it’s like as disease, once more kids see it in the gym, it starts happening more and more, especially younger kids, when younger kids are seeing older kids just consistently stop all the time. It’s kind of reinforcing and these younger kids brains, that’s okay, that’s natural. Like that’s, that’s what you’re supposed to do. And that’s what we don’t want to happen. Absolutely. Want to be changing the mindset on blocks and all that completely to where we are pushing kids through as quickly as possible. Everybody’s differently or everyone’s different, but figuring out what works for every kid and really pushing through it.

But nobody knows your tumbling better than you do. I mean, we can watch you and we can say, that looks great. And then we have kids who man, but it didn’t feel great. Um, and so you know, you’re tumbling, you know yourself. You have to commit to yourself what you know on your tumbling. And remember, here’s the thing is that we don’t teach controversial technique. We don’t teach you things that no tumbling coach can argue about what we teach because it gets skills and it gets results. And it makes athletes believe in themselves and, and, and they’re, they’re confident and their emotions are, um, optimistic and that’s what we have. That’s what we bring to the table, um, with our Jenks tumbling lessons curriculum. Um, so committing to your skills takes a lot of competence.

It takes a lot of confidence and practice. That’s where we always talk to kids about. If you’re just tumbling once a week, one hour a week, it’s hard to build up that commitment in yourself. It’s hard for that process to develop quickly. The more you’re doing it, the easier it is to commit to your skills, especially the more skills you have. If we’re talking about like fulls, that means you should already have a layout mastered, talk, mastered, backhand, springs mastered some sort of specialties mastered. That’s a lot of skills that you have to continue to train and continue to commit to. So the more you grow as an athlete, the responsibility, it’s a very response you, it’s a hard sport and that’s where if you’re doing all stars, school cheer, it’s different surfaces and then there’s even more. You got to practice, then you got to practice the differences in the floors, like not getting used to one surface like Colton was talking about. Um, so there is a lot of responsibility on yourself as an athlete. US as coaches can only do so much for you.

We can hold you accountable, but you have to be, um, like, like the title. You have to be willing to commit to your skills no matter what floor you’re on, no matter who you’re with, no matter who’s spotting you, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you are committed to yourself and your Jenks tumbling lessons growth. And if you are committed to yourself and your growth and your Jenks tumbling lessons skills as an athlete, then you then you can commit to other teams and lots of competitions and Varsity cheerleading. But you have to first, you, you, you have to focus on yourself first. Um, and so many times I think that all star and high school kind of forget that aspect. Um, unfortunately, but that’s why we’re here. That’s why we’re here.

It is a big part of the game. It’s a big part of the tumbling aspect is being able to commit to your Jenks tumbling lessons skills and successful teams. The teams that are kind of continuously winning are filled with athletes who commit to their skills every time.

And they also have like a surplus of kids who are ready when called upon immediately, hey, we need you for nationals. We need you for state. We need you for worlds. And they’re ready to get up and go. So you don’t think it might, it’s not only competitive as in you going to, but it’s competitive. Getting on those squads. We, I went and, um, judged a, uh, tryouts yesterday and it was incredible. The amount of skills was incredible. I mean, they all cheered themselves on, but in reality they’re competing against each other. And so it’s the same thing for these, for these teams, all star teams, varsity teams. Um, if, if you’re not willing to commit, there’s someone right up underneath you who is willing to commit. So those blocks, that’s, don’t, don’t see yourself as a victim to a mental block. See yourself as an overcomer and say, I cannot let this happen. I will not let this happen because I am going to get pushed out.

Hey man, because like we always say, we’re also trying to develop these athletes to be successful human beings in the real world. Same thing. There’s always somebody coming up. There are always kids graduating more and more kids coming to take your job. If you’re not going to put in the extra work, there’s somebody that will. Absolutely. So yes, whatever we train you now as young athletes and your Jenks tumbling lessons tumbling career, take that on into your adulthood as an adult. Yes. Be Successful cause we love all of you out there.

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