Hello and welcome to Tulsa. Tumbled talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. And so the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis, we are your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breath slur. And we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Now I know this sounds like some, uh, eighties love ballad tumbling in the heat. Not Anyway, I don’t know about that. Listen, it’s summertime, right? It’s, it’s a, it’s hot. Um, it is getting up there and it’s going to get hotter. So we’re going to do a podcast about tumbling in the heat.

Yes. It’s um, it’s gonna get warm out. That’s gonna when tumbling and tumbling is already a conditioning. So when you’re tumbling in the heat, um, it’s definitely going to be a workout. You should never leave a tumbling. Even when you’re tumbling in the cold weather, you should never leave, not sweating. Um, you should be working out in conditioning yourself. But in this heat, we’re going to go over the steps that it’s important to do. Um, I will say we are going to order some justice tank tops and I would eventually down the line like some justice sports bras. I’m that way tumbling in the heat. Uh, tank tops, sports bras as the way to go. Normal shirts, definitely no long sleeve. Long sleeve at this time is a terrible decision. When I see a kid walking in with like yoga pants, yoga pants, and a long sleeve shirt, I know they’re going to be dying.

Yeah, it’s okay. Here’s the thing. You covered, you up your body. Your body’s not going to be able to, uh, push off, push out the heat. Um, you’re not going to be able to acclimate very well. You want to be able to stay cool and that means drinking lots of water. We’d always provide water at our Jenks tumbling lessons. Um, but if you know the little bottles that we have isn’t enough, bring your own big old water bottle with ice in it and just keep yourself cool. Um, heck, even those like little spray fans that you see where they spray yourself off and it mists, bring one of those that’s going to help you. Um,

so first come prepared. So that’s in your clothing, that is eating before you come. Your body has to have some sort of fuel. Um, if you bring a water that’s great.

Ah, we just got another, another lead and new face in the gym. And you

do, you bring a water, that’s great. If not, like Colton said, we do provide water out the gym. So make sure you are getting a lot of breaks. You are breathing. Um, all our Jenks tumbling lessons coaches are trained to kind of pay attention to every athlete. If we think one is overheating, we will send them over to like the, the fan area, the cool down area.

And don’t be one of those athletes who are like, no, no, I’m fine. I’m pulling point. The thing is that we can, we can see if you’re, if you’re not sweating, if you’re like kind of clammy and your skin is a kind of turning Pale, that’s the, that’s the time where you need to go set out, go sit in front of our big giant fan that we have that’s going to help. We’re going to get more of those fans. Um, but here’s an, here’s another thing. It is important that, uh, you remember soccer, um, bat, not basketball, sometimes basketball I guess. Uh, but football, baseball, softball, um, all those sports are outside. So the heat is something that we will take into consideration, but it is important to remember that whether it’s hot or cold, we still have to keep pushing. We still have to keep training our bodies. Um, and with the Oklahoma weather, you know how it goes. It’s a, it can be hot and one day and then cold the next have a freeze warning. Tornadoes, you know, but, um, with that weather comes, you know, our, uh, ability to adapt and overcome.

Yeah. So come prepared. That’s, that’s the most important thing when you’re there, when you are working, um, tumble smart, you shouldn’t be wearing yourself out on bad passes, on blocked passes. It’s hot enough as is, are wearing out using any energy or any gas that you have in the tank. Um, something that’s not going to be productive for your tumbling. Um, especially in this heat, that’s where wasting passes wasting time can really become a problem.

Yeah. Don’t, don’t rush through your stretches. Don’t rush through your warmups. Make sure that you have, um, prepared your body to give 100%. If you’re not getting 100%, then you’re not getting that. You know, we’re not seeing as much progress and the heat will kind of take it on you, but adrenaline helps and making sure that, uh, you’re cheering each other on at the gym, whether it’s our gym or you’re outside at a football game or uh, you know, wherever you might be tumbling, um, cheer each other on you. You guys are kind of going through the same thing. You guys might not be throwing the same skills, but you are in the same heat and you’re still getting work workout in. So it’d be important to remember that.

Yeah. And we do have stunk classes, reduced our classes. It gets hot in there. So catching flyers. Yeah, who are sweaty. We do have our coed guys. A lot of them you’ll see bring towels into the gym. I shoulds start drying off their hands and all that before they go, whatever it’s going to take. I’ve seen kids try to dry their hands on the mat before they tumble cause I get sweaty, whatever it’s going to take. No that the no that conditions are tumbling in, um, prepare your body for it. Our Jenks tumbling lessons as coaches, we’ll be watching and kind of adapting for every athlete and for the conditions were tumbling in. Um, but we just want to do a podcast to make sure every athlete coming into the gym, I like, I’ve been pulling them in and telling her classes tank tops are the way to go. Yeah. Can keep your body cool. It is tank top weather. I like

that. He uh, we also in our lounge, it’s, we keep it really cool in our lounge. So if the fan is not enough, you can always step inside, get a, get a quick breath of cool air, cool off a little bit and then back out here ready to work and a, and that’ll keep you going to sit too long in the fan, in front of the fan or in the cool is going to really kind of drag you down. It’s gonna make you not want to go back out in the heat. Uh, just remember that, uh, we are here out in that heat with you. We are, we, we’re putting our bodies in the heat where, and you know, you may not think of it as working out, but whenever it comes to spotting, you know, those saves, we have to be 100% ready to, to make a save. If a kid, uh, happens to bail or something weird happens. And, and so we’re out there with, you were toughing through it. Uh, we know that you can do because we’re all, you guys are super strong athletes. So,

so last thing going into the tumbling and the heat. Um, like a lot of the podcasts, it seems like communication is key. Um, never feel that you can’t go up to any of our coaches, whether it’s me, Colton, Hanner could and say, Hey, I’m getting a little too hot. Can I go to the front? Can I go grab a water? Absolutely. We’re never going to say no. You’re not allowed to, or, yeah. So always communicate. We’d rather you communicate than trying to tough it out and then you over heat and Our Jenks tumbling lessons after waste time on anything like that.

I think all the podcasts that we’ve done this week has mentioned communication on it. It’s important. Um, it’s a big deal. It makes sure you’re letting our Jenks tumbling lessons know. I, Hey, I felt a little bit dizzy after that one. Can I go sit down? Absolutely cause it down. Go cool yourself off. The, the cool thing about our Jenks tumbling lessons is that we’re not an all star gym, so we don’t have, we don’t have time criteria that we have to meet. We don’t have a deadlines where, uh, we have, uh, we have a routine that we have to put together for the competition this weekend. Um, it’s okay. It’s okay. We want to make sure that everybody is comfortable, um, pushing forward and, and Co, uh, communication is key for that.

Yes. Like you said, we don’t have any ulterior motives. We just care about their tumbling every athlete’s tumbling career as a whole, which, uh, for a lot of kids can be a very, very long tumbling career. Yeah. So we have no rushing. We don’t need to rush because kids have all the time in the room,

any, even if tryouts are right around the corner, do not push yourself past the limit where you’re not getting any progress and all you’re doing is stressing about that, that deadline. Um, we, we care about each and every one of our athletes. We’ve said this before too. Uh, as a tumbling coach, we don’t have, we don’t have something for you to look at to see our record. All we have our kids are, our kids are athletes, are our portfolio. So reviews, um, those, the Google reviews. Yeah. That, that, that is something different too. Um, so what people are saying about our Jenks tumbling lessons and, and, and the, the kids that we’ve trained and uh, so don’t push yourself too hard in this heat there. It’s, it’s going to be a, you know, a summer, hot summer and then we’ll get back into fall and a and it’s going to be a lot easier. So it’s just part of the season

and don’t ever let, he’d be a reason to not come in and tumble. Cause I will say I’ve worked at a lot of gems and even the gyms that have air conditioning, I would rather not tumble when it’s freezing. So, and like we said, it’s supposed to be a conditioning at no point in tumbling. I use supposed to just be relaxing. Yeah. So it should be something that you are pushing your conditioning and likable and said, we’re out. We’re out there doing it with yes. Yeah.

Well what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Um, and, and I will stand by that 100%. Uh, whenever I was in the military, they put our Jenks tumbling lessons through stringent, uh, tests and, and conditions so that whenever it comes to the real thing, we’re able to keep pushing through it. And so resiliency is key. Whenever you, whenever you think, hey, this makes me stronger, this makes me a better tumbler. Uh, I’m not going to break down, tear down. I’ll continue to have the confidence pushing forward. Even if it’s a 115 degrees outside. We have those, we have our fans, we have our garage door’s open. We’re working on making it a little bit cooler on the inside, on the inside of the gym. But, um, it will make you stronger as an athlete. I promised they have hot yoga. I mean, we just need to have hot tumbling. Have Goat Yoga. Did you know that? No, I don’t think we’ll have him go tumbling. They’re going to have goat doubling now. We’ll stay out of that. But anyway, this has been Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company. Um, if you’re interested in finding out more about us, you can check out our website. It’s justice tumbling co.com.

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and then we’ll be seeing you next time in our gem. If it’s hot or cold, we don’t care. We’ll see you next time in Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling