Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breath slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right, now this is podcast number one 18 and uh, and today we’re going to be answering the question on why is justice tumbling company so highly reviewed.

And if you don’t know what that means, that means Google us and you’ll see our reviews. There’s about 149 of them. You can really go through each one and read them, get to know us because I will say we’re getting a lot of new faces in the gym and I would say probably 80 to 90% of the new phases. When I asked them, they say, I read your reviews.

That’s what gave us, yeah, that’s what made us choose you guys. Jenks tumbling lessons, and, and so Google reviews are important to us because we do want parents to see what other parents are saying. We want to see, we want athletes to see what other athletes are saying. And, um, w we have more reviews than anybody else. We have the highest reviews than anybody else. We’re stick or sticking at that five star Mark. Um, and God, I’m going to hate to see it drop to like 4.9 that’s gonna make it.

What does actually have a nightmare. Last night that we got our first two star review, I woke up and I had to wake up in Google cause I thought it was really surreal. But at the end of every podcast, you’ll hear us say we would love it if you left us in an object, an objective or unbiased Google review. That means you can let us know. We suck. You can let us know we’re good. We just want your honest feedback so we can continue to better ourselves. That’s exactly right. A lot of people, experience Jenks tumbling lessons, review us on their own without being asked just because they do want to give their feedback. People love always telling what they think their opinions. So, um, we did a whole podcast about it that you should definitely be for any gym you’re going to go to. You should check out the reviews cause it’ll kind of give you insight on the gym before you even walked into the

absolutely. Yeah. When in our, in our actual commercial, our, uh, our video that’s on our website, at Jenks tumbling lessons, we, we talk about it, go look at other people’s reviews versus our reviews. Parents are loving what they’re seeing here at justice and the kids are too. And so last night we, we actually asked, we ask a lot, um, you know, are you learning things new when you come in? The who learned something new today. And even if we’ve seen those kids, uh, every week for the past three or four months, they still raise their hand. We want that to continue. We want them to always learn something new, to take home to mom and dad and say, hey, this is, this is something new that I’m learning. Um, whether it’s a new skill or it’s just something that they hear that’s different that they haven’t heard before, that’s important to us.

So this podcast is titled, Why is Justice Tumbling so highly reviewed? With Jenks tumbling lessons, we can give you our opinion of why we think it is just what we’ve seen in the six, seven months we’ve been open. Um, I know it’s a different environment. Everybody, everybody that comes through the door says just the environment, the coaches we have coming in now that are our new hires, same thing. They’ve, they’ve worked at other gyms and that’s what I’ll say are our environment is different and it’s creating a different kind of athlete. Yeah. Could honestly even said, he’s like, man, I love meeting your guys. Athletes. Like all of them are driven. They’re positive, they’re fun. Like, and that’s just with that environment we’re creating. Yeah.

Yeah. I mean, they come in, the little ones come in and give us hugs and they, they know that they’re wanted where they are. They don’t feel, uh, you know, pressured because, or not wanted because there’s that we have beginner classes going on at the same time as advanced classes and that doesn’t change a thing. Everybody is there to learn. And that’s what I love about justice is, uh, there is no injustice in learning together, whether it’s a full or a backhand spring.

Yeah. So I think that’s the main thing that sets us apart and why we are getting so many reviews is the atmosphere. I mean, we’re, we always talk kids. It’s a judgment free stress free zone. Um, they should be coming in at we, we had one girl come on and charge him. She said she got bullied out of that or other gym. Sweetest little thing. I couldn’t tell you her name, but she literally in the middle of my advanced class walked up to me and just, I thought she had a question. I was like, can I help you?

No, that she was a different, she’s, she’s in the beginning.

So she walked out. I thought she had a question and she just wanted to give me a hug. Sweetest thing. All the advanced kids were like, ah, yeah, it’s just, that’s our, we met them when they came in. Like we get to know their parents, we’d tell them we are the owners. They’re always welcome to come talk to us. And I mean, kids are doing it. Like it doesn’t matter what level we want them to have that comfortability with us to where they feel like they can come up and do that. Okay.

Her name is Lacey by the way. So the next time she comes up to you, she, she, she has the sweetest girl.

Three does. I’ve never heard her talk, but that she was like, Hey, I want to show you what Hannah taught me. And it was the coolest thing. She got her hands down. Yeah.

So good. And, and you know, we’ve got another little boy who is in the beginning stages and he, whenever he, I remember his first day he cried and he left. Providing Jenks tumbling lessons, but I pulled them back as I come on, come back out here. And uh, and I worked with them for just, you know, the rest, like the 30 more minutes or something like that was in the class and he came back and he’s kept working with Hannah. I kept working with Hannah and now he went and I guess he, they went on vacation to the beach and he learned backward rolls, forward rolls and bridges. And that’s what he was doing in the sand and showing off. And he is, he’s got the heart for it. And we love that. And we obviously also love kids who are getting new skills like Tux and layouts and fools, you know, we don’t just get excited for the, for the big ones, we get excited for the little ones too.

Like you said, that little icy, when she showed me that handstand, I remember when she first came in, she was as, as green as they come. Yeah. Yeah. So to see a kid be able to get a handstand and see how excited that kid was for her hands down. It’s the whole reason we got on a coat.

And the problem was if she was getting bullied in another gym, it was most likely because the, the coaches were, was allowing that to happen. We say it’s a stress free judgment free zone, but we also live by that. We control that. We make sure that happens. We say we, we bring everybody in. At the beginning, we all stretch together. Everybody kind of knows each other’s names. And just last night I have, I have kids from broken Arrow, a Waso and union all in the same class, which if you don’t know our opposing teams, they go against each other. There’s a bit of a rivalry there. Um, but whenever they’re at our gym getting Jenks tumbling lessons, they root each other on. They cheered for each other. They say each other’s names. I know each other’s names, they talk and they, they, um, it’s just a family environment. And you know, whenever they go to compete, they’re going to go head to head. But whenever they’re at justice, they’re there to kind of boost each other up. And that’s, that’s what is the justice.

That was the Ra families. So that’s exactly right. Is there anything else that you would say in your opinion is another reason why we are so highly reviewed?

Yeah. So we’ve done some video reviews and we, in our video reviews we ask three questions. We say, how did you hear about us? What makes our Jenks tumbling lessons different from other gyms? And would you refer your friends to justice? And if so, why? Um, and what makes out Jenks tumbling lessons different from other gyms? I almost always constantly hear the same thing. It’s um, your coaches don’t just give us a one critique and push us on. Like our coaches will sit there and explain what they have to do to fix it. Not just say, okay, get your arms up and move on. It’s okay. Get your arms up cause it’s going to set you hire, um, keep your head in. We, we, we give those critiques too so that they, they know what to fix the next time and we also boost them up. Tell them what they did right so that the next time they go, they have that boost of confidence. Um, to know, hey, I can do this cause Colton or rusty said I can, or cadenas or Hannah said I can. And that’s what we don’t, we don’t just have good coaches, we have a great atmosphere that kind of sets the, the first standard of coaching

that’s from the front desk ladies. As soon as you walk in to the coaches in the back. Yeah. Who are wives by the way, we are not trying to full yet. So we, we want that family environment, not just from me and Colton, the owners, but from everybody that you’re going to have

contact with every person who we hire in the future, we’re going to have multiple locations. But that family, that family environment, that family atmosphere is not gonna change. We refuse to let that happen. So that is our promise to you that whenever you step into a justice tumbling company, whether it’s an Oklahoma or it’s in Texas or Missouri, wherever it might be, that you’re going to feel the same atmosphere no matter where you go.

So we, like we’ve said, we can say it enough, read the reviews, go through, read as many as you can. There’s, there’s a lot of good ones. There’s people that drive from Missouri that are, that give the reviews and if people are willing to drive that far, they’re driving that far for a reason. Yeah. Um, and the reviews, they tell exactly why.

Yeah. I actually had a phone call yesterday. This was a mom. I almost didn’t answer it because it’s a California number, but this mom called and she said, um, hey, we’re going to be in Oklahoma. We’ve got some family there. We’re going to be there all summer. And we looked at all the other gyms in the area, but you guys had the best reviews. And so we want to bring our daughter there over the summer while we’re there. Just that. And this, this mom said that her daughter was just a beginner. She’s six years old. She’d done some gymnastics. Um, but she just couldn’t get enough of the reviews so she had to call and uh, and so she’s getting set up. It’s just exciting. It’s exciting to see, um, people coming in hearing what other parents are saying and that is the justice difference right there. And if you’re interested in finding out more about us, you can check out our website. It’s just as tumbling coach.com

or you can find our Jenks tumbling lessons on Facebook and Instagram and like we just talked about, if you have a Google account, we would love it if you left us and objective Google review to let us know how we’re doing.

It’s important to remember what objective means. We’re not asking you to give our Jenks tumbling lessons five stars. We are asking you to give us your opinion of us, whether even if it’s a four star, that’s okay.

And we greatly appreciate after the 149 people who have given our Jenks tumbling lessons those reviews. Yeah.

Well we will see you next time on pulse to tumble. Clock

with justice humbling company. [inaudible].