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parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breath slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right, we’re back with another episode of Tulsa Tumble Talk Word. We’re, Jenks tumbling lessons, we’re kinda going to have to give you some tough love today and, and it’s, it’s cause it’s needed.

Yes. This is an important topic and it’s something we deal with a lot. It is maintaining your skills.

Uh, well what, what does that mean maintain your school? Well, here’s the thing, rusty is that, uh, uh, nobody knows you’re tumbling better than you do and nobody knows my tumbling better than I do. And, uh, that’s, that’s the way it goes with every single athlete. Jenks tumbling lessons, you have to know what you have to do on a weekly basis, how many hours you’re willing to put into the gym, um, how many hours you’re willing to, uh, condition at home per week. You have to know that stuff, uh, in order to maintain your skills and keep it up. Keep it going. Now we understand that most kids don’t have a credit card. Most kids don’t have money to spend on privates, but parents do. So you’re kind of held it there will, uh, on what, when they’re going to bring you or, or pay for your private or your class or whatever it might be.

But as important to know that it’s important for them to know how, how important tumbling is to you. And so with that being said, you have to know your skillset and what you have to do. Like I said, weekly, um, to maintain your skills. Now a lot of times we’d go on vacations, we go on a spring breaks. Jenks tumbling lessons, and you know, you just might not be going into classes. We do have a, um, a whole week for the 4th of July where our classes are closed. Privates are still open, but that whole week, you know, there’s opportunities for you to get in with privates, but kind of not classes. Uh, but there’s lots of things that you can do at home.

Yes. Even if you can get in their classes, this is about maintaining your skills. These are skills you should have mastered or these are skills that you’ve just learned. Um, a lot of kids do, school chair and all star cheer and one or the other. Some do both. So I always tell kids, you’re in the gym a lot, so even if you’re not with us, this is skills you have mastered. You should be putting in those reps at your gym. A lot of those gyms have a lot of floor space that’s not being used. Find space to do those skills, do a certain amount of reps and make sure they’re done with strong technique. If you’re just flinging your body over just to get it done, you’re teaching yourself bad habits, you’re hurting the progress of your tumbling.

And here’s the thing, like rusty mentioned with schools, some of the schools that we work with are kind of far away and so they don’t, exactly, they’re not actually within driving distance or what they claim is driving distance to come get an a class or whatever it might be. Um, or you know, they just, their heart isn’t in it like they, like some athletes are. And so whenever they’re working with us, that’s the only tumbling that they’re actually getting. And they had potential. Sometimes they have huge potential, Jenks tumbling lessons, where we’ll go, we’ll spot them on a couple of backhand springs and then they’ll throw that back hand spring all on their own. Um, and everybody gets excited about it. We’re pumped up. We’re like, heck yeah, she did this on there on her own, or he did this on her on his own. And then, um, we leave and then a week goes by, oh my gosh. It’s, it’s like Deja Vu. It’s like groundhog day.

Let’s do that in the back hand springs through last week. And they’re like, what do you mean?

I don’t know what you’re talking about ever did though? Jenks tumbling lessons, and, and then we’re having to spot them and it’s the same process over and over again daily. Uh, every time we go back to that, those specific schools, um, with, with our technique that we’re teaching you, it does teach you to keep safe. It trains your body to be in the right positions at the right time so that your head doesn’t hit the floor. You know? Um, we want to make sure that you, if after we leave that you are still maintaining your skills, you’re still at every practice you have. You know, even if there’s nobody there to spot you, take that courage which you had already the day before and throw it again and then throw it again. And then if we, we should never have to spot the same skill, um, two weeks in a row, if, if we’re spotting with scale and you’re throwing it on your own that next week, we shouldn’t even have to ask, do you need a spot you shouldn’t have to ask while you spot me. That is all about getting that confidence up and uh, getting your yourself to a place where you know you can do it because you’ve done it before. Don’t ever doubt yourself. As soon as you start doubting yourself, it kind of, it kind of eats away at your competence.

Yeah. Was forced herself to do some sort of tumbling every day. Even if it’s around, off, outside, even if it’s a handstand at homes, someone’s gotta be, it’s gotta be the right kind. Yes, correct. Technique. That’s what just like we said about practicing, I mean everybody that has a gym throughout the gym practice something. As long as you are holding yourself accountable and training the technique, we’re always so picky about, you don’t like saying things for no reason why we continue to critique kids on arms by years and stuff. Because if they don’t hear it, they’re not going to do it. Or they’ll do it a little bit, but then they’ll develop bad habits down the line.

We had an advanced class just last night and I had to get onto them about their arms because they weren’t doing what they were supposed to do in the warm ups with their arms. Um, it’s, it’s, we’re saying these things for reasons and if you don’t maintain it, uh, and that’s probably the worst. The kids who are always in the gym but they’re not maintaining their, their skills because they kind of slack off in warm ups or something like that. So make sure that you’re always remembering that foundation that, that keeps you safe, that keeps you, um, going back and doing it on your own. Those, those things are so important.

Now when talking about maintaining your skills, Jenks tumbling lessons, the more advanced athlete you are, the more skills you do have, the more you have to maintain. Um, if you’re getting to the full point and you just want to work full, full, full, and you stop working layouts, uh, or punch trends, if you had a punch, right, those skills will both get lost. Kids will feel like they can’t do that skill again or they’ll find themselves busting. So you do have to maintain all your skills. Don’t just put all your focus on one skill or the next skill and forget to practice. Everything comes down the line. You’re going to want specialty passes using all the old schools that you went through. Progressions. That’s why we do go through progression.

Absolutely. Uh, you know, just like Rusty said fools it, that that does apply to all other skills but not nearly as much as fools and layouts. Um, once kids get to where they’re working, foals, that’s all they ever want to work on. And Jenks tumbling lessons, and a lot of times you see there their layouts, recess and, and get to where they’re just, they’re just ugly. And then the athletes like, oh I hate, I hate layouts, I hate layouts. Well it’s because we’re not working them. It’s because you’re not practicing them is cause you’re not setting the way you’re supposed to or the way you used to. So keep that up, keep constantly doing that. That you know, I love a pretty full, but there is almost nothing prettier than a beautiful timed a set and, and lay out like it is so clean. So pretty.

There’s a difference between a good and a great layout. For sure. Everybody can figure out how to just lock their legs out but not everybody can figure out how to lock their legs out and a completely hollow body position. Um, so go back cause I promised perfecting that layout will perfect that full. It’ll make the full look cleaner. It will help the landing. Perfect. Your layouts. We did a podcast specifically on my L’s. Yeah. Jenks tumbling lessons, and I always talk in circle back and listened to it because some kids once they learn a full, it’s like they want to go straight from Tux. Two folds. Um, never a great option. There’s a lot that warming up a layout does for your fulls.

Now on our last weekly update the other day, Jenks tumbling lessons, it was a weekly update, 14, I believe. We were talking about a private that I had who hadn’t come into the gym for like two or three weeks. And, uh, her mom had just decided that she doesn’t need privates anymore. And so she had got her roundup back cancering duck, which is all that they were kind of going for. And so they, they stopped doing privates for three weeks and within those three weeks, um, the, the athlete realize, hey, I really probably need to get back into the gym because I’m not able to throw these a practice anymore. Um, and so she came in and if you guys had heard this already, maybe, maybe you haven’t, uh, she was only able to do one backhand spring to rebound. She wasn’t able to do to backhand springs. Um, and so she, I don’t know if she thought maintaining her skills meant she can do it on the trampoline and it gets better. Um, and not to beat a dead horse, but stay off the trampoline. That’s not the way you maintain skills. It, you maintain skills by the being watched by a coach or sending videos to your coach. Being in constant communication, knowing that, uh, the, the, the way you’re practicing is the right way to do it and the way that you’ve been taught. So

yes, I always hold yourself accountable. No the technique, hopefully we’ve done our job teaching you the correct technique, continuously reminding you. Um, so make sure no matter where you’re practicing to maintain those skills, you’re using as strong as a technique as possible.

And I’ve always used a method called, uh, that I’ve kind of called myself it a self coaching and so that you should be able to tumble yourself. You should be able to know what you’ve done wrong and you should be able to fix it the next time. Jenks tumbling lessons, that’s so important to be able because if you’re, if you are an all star athlete and you’re tumbling at another gym or something like that, um, making sure that you are using the technique that we’re teaching you while you’re tumbling is a big one. Make sure that you, you’re able to make those corrections yourself. And a lot of times when the kids that we work with, if they throw their head out, they’ll be able to land it and say, Oh, my head was out. And then they can go back and fix it the next time. Just remember that. So if you’re interested in finding out more about us justice tumbling company, you can check out our website. It’s just as tumbling co.com

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