Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts Coulton cruise and rusty breath slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And all right, welcome back to another episode of a question and answer a, we’re calling it frequently asked questions. This is number three and that we’ve got some questions from parents and athletes that we wanted to bring to you guys and answer them because maybe you haven’t known the answer to these or you’ve had the same questions. All right, so this first question is a question that uh, that rusty got specifically. Jenks tumbling lessons, and so I’m going to let him take it away with that.

Yes, this comes from a private, they’re getting ready for tryouts, Jenks tumbling lessons, after the private, the mothers, so that, is there anything we can be doing at home? Should I be spotting or is there anything extra like definitely shouldn’t be spotting her. Um, she should be taking advantage of all the tools we’re giving her, like all the drills, all the conditioning at home. That’s, that’s definitely doable. Um, this is a kit, a novice kid just learning backhand springs. So it is an important stage to where she is getting spotted at home or just throwing it on the trampoline. It can kind of a hurt her progress more than help it. So I told her to continue to do the drills handstands against the wall, his conditioning and take advantage of the podcasts. I mean, they’re free. They’re on our website. Um, a lot of the stuff we go over in the podcasts are exactly what that kid is needing to hear as repetition to get ready for tryouts. Um, we go over a lot of stuff involving tryouts in the podcast. So, um, I’ve been telling a lot of kids out this week there, there’s a lot of free information out there to where if you can’t get in more than once, twice a week with us, there are other options out there to still get that knowledge and continue training

and then coming to open gyms. That’s gonna that’s gonna help a ton too. If you’re not able to come to a private, a private is $70 an hour as of now. Jenks tumbling lessons, but you can come to an open gym for only $10. So it’s, it’s a really cheap, effective way to get more time and in the gym. Jenks tumbling lessons, and uh, and you can check out our website with those new times. Um, I want to add to that, you know, so many parents that I’ve talked to, they, they come into the gym or even before we had our own gym, just in general when it, wherever I was working, um, the mom always seems to tell me, you know, Oh, I cheered back when I was in high school. Uh, so I’m able to spot her on this backhand spring. I’m able to spot her on these texts. Um, we would highly encourage that not to happen. It takes, um, it takes lots of training and experience to be able to save your kid if, if she happens to bail or if something were to go wrong. And, uh, we would just highly encourage you not to spot your own child. Um, yeah,

it’s not worth the other. There’s a lot that can go wrong. You can get injured. Your child couldn’t get it under

when, and I’ve told this story before, there was a dad who, uh, had I get, I don’t know if he thought that he had some experience on spotting back tucks or what, but he decided to spot his daughter in the back tuck. Jenks tumbling lessons, and uh, I guess he had spotted them on backhand springs before anyway. He was not fast enough to save her, keep her from landing on her head. And that’s exactly what she did. Uh, so don’t, you don’t want that.

I know everybody’s looking for extra practice and, but that is.com is more of a setback then a move forward.

Yeah. I even had to do it. I even had an athlete yesterday tell me, Oh, I had a varsity cheerleader spot me and she said that I had almost done it, that I was almost there. Um, even if it was a college athlete, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t trust it. I, it’s just not worth it. We have a, and we know of lots of examples of people who can do this skill. It doesn’t mean that they can coach. It doesn’t mean that they can teach it. So just be aware of that. Now this next question is one of the questions that we’d probably get the most. Um, and when whenever a new athlete comes in or someone who is a private of hours or maybe they go to a school that we work at, they, uh, the athlete themselves or the parent will come to rusty and I and say, hey, you know, what, what class do you think, um, would best suit our athlete?

Now it is important to be aware that, uh, our classes do fill up really quick. So, Jenks tumbling lessons, just because it on the schedule, there might be an intermediate class or at a beginner class on that schedule does not mean that it’s actually open. Um, but what rusty and I are really good at, oh, we just got another [inaudible]. There we go. We just got another lead for, for justice tumbling company. Anyway. Um, if, uh, where was I at? Uh, see what happens anyway. Um, oh, rusty and I are really good at putting your athlete in a specific class, what like where they’re going to be best at. And um, a lot of times we have a beginner class that has more younger kids and we have beginner classes that have older kids. So if you are wondering what class year your athlete needs to be in, all you gotta do is ask us.

A lot of times we’ll take a highlighter and we’ll give you a schedule and we’ll highlight the ones that are available. Um, and then our beautiful wives at the front desk, um, we’ll let you know which are available being a full or not full. Uh, so that’s Kinda how that process goes. Jenks tumbling lessons, and a lot of times we have kids who come in and their parents kind of like thinks they know exactly what classes they go into. And that might not always be the case. Um, just because they’d been cheerleading for a long time or tumbling for a long time may not mean that they’re ready for that novice class toward backhand springs.

Yeah. So it’s important that they are in the right class. So if we tell them they’re supposed to be in a class, it’s not, they might move out of that class very quickly, but we’re putting them in that class, even if they have the skills, if it needs to be cleaned up, I’m moving into the next class. If you have the skills, but with a lot of technique issues, um, it’s gonna take a long process and slow down the class. Yeah. Um, so continue to clean up. Don’t just throw the skills, there’s a difference between doing it and doing it correctly. Um, we’re definitely looking for a dung correctly to move into the next class.

Well, and, and this question actually comes because I’m a parent came to me who isn’t a private, she just kind of jumped into classes and she told, uh, our, one of our wives, I don’t remember which one it was, that, uh, that her daughter has been working on a back hand springs at this gym, this gym and this gym. And so backhand springs are kind of like the go to for every gym. So if you, you know, you might be as green as they come. Um, and that Jim, I’m automatically once you to start wearing on backhand springs. We are not that Jim, we don’t want to be that gym. We see lots of things that are wrong with that. So that’s why we introduced our beginner classes were beginner classes, never even throw back handsprings they might work on drills that prepare them for backhand springs, but we want to make sure that their foundation for everything else is really important.

And so I kind of explained that to that parent, that uh, the beginner is a way to go. And she came to a beginner class and she loved it. She’s like, nobody has ever worked on the, this, this kind of stuff, this kind of, these kinds of drills with Mike, with my athlete, with my kid. And I love it because, uh, because she, this is exactly what she’s been needing. So, um, we’re, we’re not trying to lower your child down to, uh, you know, to make them feel bad about themselves. That’s obviously never the case. If we see the need to bring your, your athlete down, it is the best thing for them and it will help them. It will get them right back to where they need to be.

Yeah. Sort of progressed them faster than just throwing them in the next class and hoping they pick it up with the other kids.

It’s actually, I would say harder for an athlete if they are, um, you know, say they’re working on back tucks, but everybody around them is working on layouts and fulls. It, it Kinda hurts their, uh, self competence. And one thing that we’re always talking about is how important competence is a and how much it’s needed to actually throw the skills that they are throwing kids. There’s another one. Cheese. All right. Um, so anyway, uh, that’s the answer to that question. We will decide where that athlete needs to be and trust our decision when we’re telling you that that’s the best thing for them. Now that question is a perfect segue into the next question. Um, if you have been keeping up with us at justice tumbling company, you’ll know that we’ve been adding classes, classes regularly, but we’re pretty much at a standstill where we, there’s some spots where we can add more, um, more classes, but it would require us to move some things around and it would be kind of uncomfortable for a lot of other people.

Um, and so the next question is what do I do if I want to get into classes? Jenks tumbling lessons, but all of your say intermediate classes are full. Now we get asked this a lot because our classes do fill up. Um, and um, the first answer is, well, we, we can put you on a wait list. So if anybody does leave that class that you’ll immediately, you know, the next person in line will get pushed up into that spot. You’ll get notified and, and uh, we’ll let you know that that class is now open. And if you’d like it, you can take it. And if not, then you can move. They moved down to the next person. Um, also something that we do regularly. We didn’t do it for April. Uh, we don’t have one plan for April, but um, pretty much every month we have a camp or clinic, um, which you, you guys can get into it. It’s rusty and I coaching it. Um, also cadenas and Hannah, um, may or may not be there depending on the class. Yeah. Depending on the numbers in the class it is. Um, but we, we do have those available so that you can, uh, keep up with your, with your tumbling and, and make sure you’re still getting the best technique. Uh, Tulsa can offer.

Yes. Continue to check our updated schedules where we are going to be trying to add costs as for any classes that are full. Jenks tumbling lessons, but definitely to take advantage of camps, clinics, privates or anything to get in the gym and continuously working your skills.

Yeah. And, and, uh, it is, it is rare for someone to actually drop out of the class. But what happens is kids graduate from that class. So, Jenks tumbling lessons, towards the beginning of the month, uh, so it’s a middle of April right now. Um, so towards the end of April, beginning of May, kids will graduate and move up into uh, say intermediate moving up into advanced, uh, and that will open up those intermediate spots. So, uh, just important to remember. We’ll let you know, we’ll keep you updated and we look forward to having you in our future classes at justice tumbling company. So anyway, if you want to and you want to find out more about us just as stumbling company, you can check out our website, it’s just as tumbling co.com or you can find us on Facebook and Instagram. And if you ever Google account where he would love it, if you left us and objective Google, reviewed a lot of snow, how we’re doing, please, please leave us a Google review. Just, just let us know. It can be completely objective, it can be unbiased. Uh, we just need something to let us know how we’re doing. Otherwise, we’re just kind of shooting in the dark, a little bit of food that it always helps. Anyway, this has been justice tumbling company with Tulsa tumble talk and we’ll see you next time.