Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We’re your hosts, Coulton cruise and rusty breath slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right. Today we’re back with another weekly update. This is a weekly update 14. And uh, uh, we’re really excited about this when we have an official announcement. We have, uh, a new member of team justice, uh, [inaudible] you heard him in one of our podcasts, uh, last week. And Jenks tumbling lessons, he, uh, he went through a, the shadowing process and now he is officially signed on a part of justice and, and we’re excited to have him.

Yes, he followed us through for a week. You went to all our schools who went through all our classes with us, um, seeing if he has what the same core values where you do a and then training them to coach exactly like we do as the next step.

That’s exactly right. So he’s actually starting with, Jenks tumbling lessons, with some, uh, some of his own classes starting this coming week. He’s getting his own schedule and everything like that. So that’s really exciting. Um, we’re, we’re excited to have him on board and a, and we’d love to hear what you guys think about him. So He’s, he’s starting with privates and, and everything. So

yeah, that’s worth that. We’re able to open up more, uh, time slots are a spots of our classes since we don’t go over the eight to one ratio now any class that was full, uh, if we’re able to add him to it, we’ll be able to go over that and private is going to be available for private. So if you weren’t able to get in with me or Colton, now there’s a third person.

That’s exactly right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, um, we’re excited to have him on board. And, uh, that was, that was one of the big ones for this weekly update. Also. Um, this past week I had an APP. Uh, I had a private that, um, she had kind of missed out on two or three weeks of tumbling. And, uh, she was, she had to round up, I can’t spring type by herself. It wasn’t, it wasn’t the best, but she did have it. And, uh, and she was doing really, really well. So she missed two or three weeks. Jenks tumbling lessons, and unfortunately when she came back to work with me, uh, she wasn’t even able to do to backhand springs. And that’s fun. Oh my gosh. Well, and then for us to have to reteach, but then for her, the, what, what that’s doing in our head and what she, how she’s feeling about herself and the inner head, it just, um, it just, I know it made her felt feel terrible.

You know, she was crying. She didn’t know what was going on. Her technique had completely changed. And so usually when something like that happens, um, it’s, it’s one thing to be gone for three weeks and then your tea, your technique of just be rough, you know, just rough around the edges. But to not even be able to throw to backhand springs was, um, was startling to me. So I immediately started asking her some questions, you know, what’s going on. A lot of times when we see stuff like this, it’s a, it’s because there’s, you know, a new boyfriend in the picture or there’s, you know, something going on at home or there’s some kind of stress or something has changed in their lives. So I like I went into, Jenks tumbling lessons, almost detective mode, just, you know, telling her that if, if there’s something going on and that could be what’s affecting your tumbling.

And she swore up and down there was, there was absolutely nothing. Jenks tumbling lessons, and uh, so towards the end of the private, I asked her, okay, so did you, did you go in and jump on the trampoline anywhere? And of course, uh, she said that she had been going to her friend’s house who has trampolines. And then she had also went to, um, a local trampoline park and tumbled there as well. Um, so within those three weeks that she wasn’t getting any like direct contact with a coach or getting any feedback whatsoever from someone who does know what they’re talking about, she went and was tumbling on the trampolines doing back handsprings on the trampolines, doing back tax on the trampolines and Jenks tumbling lessons, and try outs are like a week away for her. Yeah.

To in training. The is not helping for tryouts. You are, you’re not going to get used to throwing skills on dead man on a trampoline. So yeah, going back, that’s one of the biggest things as a, as a coach that’s hard to deal with is having to retrain and take steps back when, when it should be a really easy progression. Yeah, absolutely.

And she was picking up skills really quickly and not to say that she can’t now, but to go three weeks with jumping on trampolines and stuff. And you’ve heard us say it before, it’s a, we can’t stress it enough. You cannot go and jump on the trampoline, um, and expect to keep the skills that you have on, on hard floors, spring floor. Uh, there’s just zero similar similarities whatsoever. Um, and it’s, it’s going to take you back a couple steps and you don’t want that. Your coach doesn’t want that. So make sure you guys just stay off trampolines. Uh, we used to say, Oh, you know, get on the trampoline and you can jump whatever. But now I’m just saying the point of saying stay off trampolines because it is, um, it is so tempting to do back tucks her backhand springs on the trampoline just because it’s so easy. If it were, if it were that easy to do it on the spring floor or the hard floor than everybody would be doing it.

It’s very rare that a kid is on the trampoline. I’m doing tumbling with strong technique. Yeah, it’s very rare to see, um,

maybe if they’ve completely mastered that technique and they’ve had it for a year or more and then they jump on the trampoline, then they know what they’re looking for. But, uh, for the most part, your backyard trampoline jumper is not not that athlete. So just keep that in mind. That was a big one that I wanted to, to bring up. We, we hate seeing people recess and uh, and so if you, you kind of follow our guidelines trampolining uh, is one of the big ones to stay out of

and something else. This week I’m moving forward is getting, it’s getting nice out. It is getting warm outside. It is conditioning is or at tumbling is supposed to be a conditioning air always should leave the gym, you know, sweating a red faced but just coming into the gym, no, that it is going to be warmer. Uh, prepare your body, eat before you come to a class or private. Make sure you are drinking a lot of water and a tank tops or the way to go. We’re going to be ordering some justice tumbling and tank tops.

Cool. Keep you cool. Um, and so anyway, yeah, with that, Jenks tumbling lessons, with what Rosie was saying, we want to make sure that you guys are drinking all that water, but also while you are, um, while you were tumbling, you don’t want to exhaust yourself. You don’t want to push too far. You don’t want to, you can keep going. Make sure that your, your skills are where they need to be. But, uh, you know, try not to over exhaust yourself anywhere you are.

I gotta tell people, uh, athletes when it’s this warm out, uh, you don’t want to waste passes on bad technique or like blocking. It’s a exhausting as it is and what it’s that warm, you need to really focus on your passes and make sure when you’re tumbling in that he, that every path is going to help your tumbling and not hurt it.

Oh yeah. I mean, when we have kids who come in who do like round off, back handspring stop or round off stop or something like that, they’re wearing their body down there, making it so much harder for them to throw that next pass. So just be aware of that. We want you guys to, Jenks tumbling lessons, like rusty said, every pass that you throw should be helping you get to that next skill or um, helping you clean something up and definitely not making you more tired. Uh, then then you know, you need to be, speaking of heat, it’s going to be summer soon and our summer schedule is uh, opening up. We’ve got schools coming in, we’ve got, we are, we’ve got camps coming up. Um, uh, all that fitting into our schedule. If you are interested in getting in for privates, now’s the best time to let us know what, what your, your times are going to be, um, or what time is best for you and a and we’ll be able to fit you in.

Cause it, there’s codral will fill up quickly. It will fill up quickly. Um, summer’s a great time to get in a lot of practice. A lot of people go on vacation. If you do go on vacation, it is important to still condition your body at least. Jenks tumbling lessons, if you can do it some sort of tumbling, I’m taking breaks, long breaks for some kids can really mess up their tumbling and some kids it doesn’t affect that much. Um, some code kids need that weekly, weekly tumbling class to maintain their skills. So when those kids don’t have that at all or any kind of conditioning, it’s a long process coming back

definitely. I mean, just over the spring break we had some kids come back and it was like they missed a week of tumbling and it was, it was difficult for them to get back into the swing of things. Um, it’s the same thing with, with summer except for summers, like three months. So make sure you are continuing your skills. You are continuing, you’re continuing your training, uh, the best that you can. We know some schools have already had tryouts, some schools have yet to have tryouts, but we know that you, you know, you’re going to throw the best skill that you have for tryouts and, and we know that your coach will hate it if you throw a skill for tryouts and then you don’t work on that skill at all over the summer and then you come back and you don’t ever throw that skill again.

So actually happen. That actually happens. Can you believe it? I mean it’s, it’s crazy. Continue your training year round and uh, just to get you prepared for tryouts, you can check out our podcast, which is about preparing for tryouts episode 18, uh, way back in the day. Yeah. So anyway, check out that podcast because it is still relevant. Okay. And is still important, Jenks tumbling lessons, especially for people who are doing tryouts now or who have already completed tryouts. Uh, even if you have completed trouts listen to it because there’s something in there for you, I promise. Yes. Good luck to everybody out trial. Absolutely. Good luck to everyone else done state. Yeah. Oh yeah. That’s coming up to good luck, tall those teams out there. So this has been our weekly update number 14 and a. And if you’re interested in finding out more about us justice tumbling company, you can check out our website. It’s just as tumbling coach.com or you can find us on Facebook and Instagram. And if you have a Google account, we would love it if you left us an objective Google review to let us know how we’re doing. We’ll see you next time on Tulsa tumble. Talk with justice tumbling company.