Hello and welcome to Jenks Tumbling Lessons with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts. Answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts Coulton cruise and rusty breath slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right, now we’re back with another Tulsa tumbled talk. Uh, and we’ve got a special guest today. I’m very excited for this pot. We’ve, we will, we will give him a bit of an intro here in just a second, but we want to, we want to talk about the title of this podcast. It is leap of faith and so rusty and I are both, um, followers of Christ and we want to set up our business, uh, similarly, but also you have to have faith in those around you.

Um, and the, the people that are around around your life, making sure that you have the right people in those positions. Um, you don’t want any, any bad influences or negative people bringing you down. You went nothing but positive vibes and a, and people who make you feel good about yourself and faith in yourself as important. Absolutely. Couldn’t, couldn’t agree more. That’s probably the most important. Um, whenever we are talking with our athletes at our gym, we talk about us believing in you, but you have to believe in yourself. And so that’s, that’s what that leap of faith is all about. And without further ado, this is [inaudible] Rivera. Uh, he and rusty go way back. Um, and I actually just met him a couple days ago. There was, we got another, we had another, a lead for justice stumbling company. You’ll see a new face.

So does he, it’s one of the reasons that we get into coaching. Like it’s been awesome to see him be an athlete, grow into an adult and now our coach. And so not only did I get to train him on tumbling, no, I get to train him on coaching, spotting drills, technique, a very experienced humbler, a lot of background and tumbling. So he’s going to give you his background a little bit, his kind of Cheer Career, his Jenks Tumbling Lessons coaching career, a little bit about him. I’m very excited to have him like a little brother. It’s going to be exciting

now before we give him the microphone and, and uh, you know, let him answer any of our questions. Um, I do want to tell, tell everybody why we’re having him on this podcast. We had been doing, um, group interviews for the past couple of weeks and he is the one so far that we pushed forward into like the next set of the hiring process. Um, he is going to be shadowing us for the next couple of weeks. He’s going to try check us out, see if it’s something that, if he wants to do and see if it can fit into his life and where he’s planning on going. We sure hope so.

Yes. He drove from Texas just for the interview and in the interview he definitely stood out. He, he literally said, I’ll, I’ll just do whatever it takes.

And that, that stood out to me. And immediately I was like looking at the other guys and I’m like, that’s, see, that’s the Jenks Tumbling Lessons attitude that we’re looking for. We want that. We want, I’ll do whatever it takes. Uh, just tell me what I need to do. So three minutes and 19 seconds into this podcast, I’m finally going to give the microphone over to this guy k. Dot. S here he is. Everybody start us with a little bit about yourself, a little bit about your background. Um, Kinda tell the parents and the athletes who are going to be in our gym, uh, how you kind of got started and, and uh, where you’re wanting to go.

All right, well when you first look at me guys, you probably wondering, you know, what is this guy? Where does he come from? The answer is Puerto Rico. I am Puerto Rican. Just saving you some time right now. Um, um, so pretty much I started as a backyard tumbler. Um, I just, you know, wanted to do flips. I decided to go for the Buffalo Wall, thank God. And went in my head. It was just great. The feeling and the, the, the vibes to it all was just undescribable. So I came into Max and the very, very first coach I ever met with coach rusty, he took me in. He was actually, they always say, but when boys get spotted, it’s kind of a, a worse thing to do. But no, he was actually there. He gave me the confidence that I needed and just pushed me to strive to become the athlete I am today. Um, I’ve been cheering and tumbling for a ballot safe, I want to say five to six years. Um, I came from Max, went to Lux from, loves to twist chef from toy shut to studies, vipers and starts vipers, uh, to, uh, justice tumbling

now. Now give yourself some credit. Those are some big names. I know you’re humble and all, but you’ve been a part of some pretty awesome programs and to see you develop, I’m, I’m proud to say I had anything to do with your timeline career that this kid can out tumbled me now. And that’s always my favorite thing. I was like, coach is when I get a kid that I love or they’re better than I was. The, the student has become the master

now. Now did you coach and cheer, right?

Stars Vipers. Yes. I was doing double the work. That’s a lot of pressure. Yeah. Yeah. Good.

And we are at tumbling companies. So what is the hardest tumbling pass you, you would say you’ve ever threatened?

You know, that’s actually really, really good question. I think the hardest pass I’ve ever done would be a punch font with full three Arabian through the whip double. Oh yeah.

Um, that’s, that’s a long path. That’s even hard to, hard to say. Not let alone do.

It’s definitely a bit of a tongue twister. Just hearing Matt. So in your experience as a cheerleader, um, what are some accomplishments that you’ve made or places you’ve gone, things that you’d done a, that kind of sets you apart?

I’ve definitely have done a lot being as a cheerleader, but the few things that have stood out to me was one, winning second at NCA. I mean, I know it’s not first, but being close to the big dogs, I mean that’s definitely an accomplishment itself. Um, I’ve also have definitely attended a world championships in Orlando, Florida. I’ve been there three times. I’ve gotten the first that you wish trials and seventh in the world. So definitely not first, but like I said, striving to be the best.

Now you are by no means as old as we are. But um, we said it before in our podcast to say it like with your age and our age to say that you’ve been to worlds, um, two or three times is saying something. Nowadays, kids go because they start when they’re like 14 years old. Um, and so kids go a lot, but, but uh, I don’t think they make it to the top 10. Uh, that’s, that’s uh, that’s an accomplishment just right there to make it in there. Um, but to go that many times, that means that people are seeing you at all the different competitions and they’re putting a bid in for you to go because nobody, nobody just wants to pay to go to worlds. They want that bid, they want to be represented. Uh, so that’s, that says something for sure.

Now those are some pretty awesome cheer accomplishments, especially to some of those teams are going against our, some of the biggest teams in the world. Uh, so what is, I’m, I ask every advanced tumbler this, what is one thing and tumbling when you’ve learned it, when it figured it out, when it clicked that and made the world of difference for your tumbling?

When I started stumbling, I noticed that when I would tumble out would always stumble with my eyes closed. And I would always tell myself, how can I do the best if my eyes are shut and I don’t know where I am. So when I started tumbling, instead of opening up my eyes, kind of like the technique just flew in, I knew the my lines, I knew when to bound and you went to set and a new one support. And when you find that rhythm, um, it just makes sense in some bling.

That is a great answer and that is a great answer. We are, we tell kids all the time, it’s, it’s hard to keep your eyes open, but it’s definitely when you get to the advanced skills, it’s something you’re going to want to do. And that’s why if you come into the gym now and you’re in a private or class, if we have room for it at the very end of the spring floor, we have a map that has a big x on it. Just so you are trying to open your eyes and see that acts that way. It is easy to have body control and know where you’re at in the air when you’re trying to keep those eyes open.

And then it’s not a surprise whenever you land and you’re on the line cause you’ve known that you were on the line tumbling straight the entire time. Or uh, if your eyes are open, you can actually see yourself coming off the line if you are. And, and we, you can make adjustments throughout your tumbling. All right, so we’ve heard about your tumbling, we turned, heard about your, your cheerleading, uh, accomplishments. Now we want to hear about your coaching. How Long Have you been coaching? Where did you start? Um, and kind of why you decided to go this route?

So I really got my first introductions here at Oklahoma at maximum looks again, rusty again was the one to teach me a lot about when it comes to coaching. So, um, yeah, I got a really good foot in the door here. I didn’t really take it too serious until I got to Texas. When I was at stars vipers, that’s when they hit the hammer with a nail. I’m seeing these kids, I mean for one, letting a kid just run up to you, giving you the biggest as happy to see you, that you’re just there to have fun. Like that. Love is just amazing. And so not realizing what I, what I could do until I got to start as vapors. I started noticing, wow, well maybe I was born for this. And I started seeing kids get skills. I started seeing friendships and coaching to me is just amazing.

I love that. And I love it because I’ve seen it myself sometimes when kids come into the gym, that gym, our gym and, and every gym that I’ve worked at is like, uh, their place to get away from one crazy life that they, this is their escape. They’re dealing with stuff at home that I don’t even, I don’t even want to know what it’s, it’s unimaginable. Um, and so to see a kid open up and actually being able to enjoy themselves by learning and doing something for themselves and their growth and, and they’re making achievements, it’s, it’s, there’s nothing else in the world like it.

And even when could honest did go to Texas, we still communicated, we, we kept in touch via snapchat and social media and this dude would send me videos of his privates and be like, Hey, look at this drill I’m doing. What would you, what, what would your tips be? So instantly I knew he would be a perfect fit because he does, he’s always had a passion for tumbling. And just in those videos I could see he was already developing that passion for coaching. So I know he’s going to be very, very successful. And that passion for tumbling is exactly why we opened our companies. So we want everybody that works for us to have that same passion and drive.

And with that being said, we are rooting for you. We, uh, we, we love it. That you’re here, that you’re working with us, that you are passionate like rusty said. Um, and we can see that. I think that parents see that cause we’ve already had gotten some comments about you. Um, be aware though if we are doing some, uh, some open interviews, group interviews, and we find somebody else who’s, uh, on par with you that there’s gonna be a little bit of a competition. You go with that. Absolutely. Yeah. I love it. I love it. So we’re, we’re so happy to have him here. Um, you know, training with us and learning how he can be the best coach that he can be. And a man, I, I’m just excited for the future, the excited for things to come.

Now, real quick before we’re done, I have one more question. I feel like those podcasts has had a lot of knowledge, a lot of great information. Um, last question we ask our parents, this, we asked the kids this when they come in. Um, you’ve been in the gym a few days now. What is one difference or something that you see injustice tumbling that is different than any gym you’ve been either a part of as an athlete or coaching because you’ve been, you’ve been in the cheer world for a long time now.

So definitely the difference between justice and where I come from is I come from more of an all star background. Uh, the dynamic of justice is amazing. Um, because they’re so focused, they’re here for the athletes and also they don’t waste time here. And that’s the drive that I think every individual needs. Uh, if they want to pursue becoming an elite tumbler.

I love hearing that because we do put our heart and soul into justice and making it different. And whenever you use the word dynamics, we, we, we actually come from chair dynamics. Uh, so it’s, it’s funny that you use that, but, um, our dynamic, we want it to be completely different. We want it to, we want people to come into our gym and feel the difference. Um, because we are, we’re building up individuals. We’re not building up teams. We’re building up individuals than that so that they can go to any team anywhere and, and be on that team so they can go wherever they want. That’s what, that’s what our goal is.

Man. Great answers. Great answers that we’ve done. 100 something podcast. I think this might be the first one. I actually like go back and re listen to. I’m real interested. I’m going to be telling kids to listen to a lot of our podcasts. Uh, we’ll have to have your background. Would you, would you be interested on coming back in? I would be excited to, well, he is currently living with me and, uh, till he gets on his feet. So he’s gonna be, he’s gonna be in the house anyways.

Now to refer back to the title of this podcast, leap of faith in your closing comments, will you want to, uh, do you want to give our listeners an idea of why you chose that name for this podcast?

When I hear leap of faith, honestly I can’t help but to self reflect. There’s not one time in my life where everything went to plan, you know, not everything that I wanted happen. And there’s ups and downs. And then I remember when I was here in Oklahoma and wouldn’t going to Texas, I had to take that leap of faith. I just had to try and the benefit is looking at me now I’m, I become a better coach, a better person. And now that I’m back, it’s just more of like a, another leap of faith, but also new beginnings, you know, and having the faith, having that trust in yourself will, will get you far.

Man. That’s fantastic. I love that. Um, so this has been our podcast, a leap of faith with [inaudible] Rivera and, uh, um, if you’re interested in finding out more about us, yes. As tumbling company or Colton and rusty, we’d love it if you checked out our website. It’s justice tumbling co.com

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We’ll see you next time on Tulsa tumble. Talk with justice tumbling company.