Hello and welcome to Tulsa tumble talk with justice tumbling company, the one and only Tulsa tumbling show where we your Tulsa tumbling experts answer the questions that we get from parents and athletes on a daily basis. We are your hosts Coulton cruise and rusty breaths slur and we are the owners of justice tumbling company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right. We are back with a Q and a part two. A long time ago back I think it was probably our first couple of weeks of recording. We did a question and answer portion, uh, podcast. And so we’re bringing it back. We’ve got some, a new line of questioning and a, we got a new line of answers for you. So

yes, and we’re going to make it a regular cause we do get asked by a lot of Jenks Tumbling Lessons parents a lot of questions or even athletes just asking questions. So, um, bringing those questions to live that way if one person has that question, usually there’s more people that are thinking it and just don’t bring it up.

Alright, so rusty, I’m going to start this one. Um, and this is a question that we get, uh, right around either either, uh, competition time or try mostly try out time. And the question is how many privates will it take for me to get this new skill, whatever skill it may be. Um, you know, that’s kind of how it kind of originates. Um, it could be, uh, we’ve got, we’ve got tryouts in two weeks. Um, how, you know, how many, how much do I need to pay to get this skill? Uh, should we, should we look at it like that?

Absolutely not. That’s a good question. Uh, we never promise people skills, so we’re not going to say, if you do this set amount, you’re going to get this because every kid is different. Um, we’ll give you the tools, but it comes down to the athlete actually being coachable, like listening to what everything we have to say, doing the work at home. Um, but even then every athlete is different. And every skill, it takes a certain amount of time. So sometimes if you’re, if you just have a backhand spring and you’re like, all right, I need a full for trials, that’s not very realistic and we wouldn’t want you to rush through progressions like that anyways. Um,

even, even if you just got to lay out.

Absolutely. Yeah. You shouldn’t master your layout because there can be a lot of issues if you’re literally just got to lay out Jenks Tumbling Lessons and you’re trying to learn to drive your toes on a full, you need to be able to have that time to master. And that’s where we preach and we pray that kids train year round. Um, so that is the answer to the question. There’s no set amount of privates or amount of money people can pay that’ll guarantee a certain skill.

Our curriculum in our workbook, um, sets a minimum of three months per level. So we have beginner, novice, intermediate, advanced and elite and um, a minimum of three months per level. So a novice starts working on backhand springs. A beginner is like round off and cartwheels, but novices, backhand spring is the intermediate, intermediate, his Tux, um, and then advanced is layouts. And then starting to work fulls and then elite is working fulls and doubles. So, um, it, you know, a minimum of three months means that that’s, that’s a really, really, really good time timeframe. That’s really, really fast. Um, so they’re, like we said before, there is no quick fix. There are no shortcuts, there’s no amount of money that you can pay to get that skill. And it’s also important to remember that, um, your athlete has to want it more than you do more than we do. Like your athlete has to like be so determined and then there, and there are times if they’re, if they are determined enough, they could get it. It could be one private, but then again it could be, it could be a 30 privates.

That’s what, it doesn’t matter how bad the or the, the mother tells me, she, she says she really wants it. That actions speak a lot louder than words. So if you say you want it and then you come in and you’re not coachable, you don’t make the corrections or you look like you’re miserable and look like we’re torturing you, you’re not even happy to be there. Yeah, it’s going to be, it’s going to be a slow process for you. So moving on to question number two, what can I do when I’m working somewhere else? And that means we have a lot of athletes that come from other gyms. We have athletes that come from other states. So especially coming from other states, it’s, it’s hard to get to work with us on a weekly basis, like some of our athletes. So this is a question that is definitely for out of towners.

Absolutely. So whenever, um, we’ve gotten asked this question from those out of towners where we can’t follow them back to them, their gym, and, and nobody in their gym is as qualified to work with that certain skill or whatever it might be. Um, what can they do to when I get back? Uh, if they’re, if they’re not going to be back to us within two weeks, three weeks, what’s something they can do in the meantime? Well, a lot of times, depending on the skill, there’s also drills and there’s conditioning for that drill. So whenever I am working with a private who is out of town or out of state, um, that private is dedicated to get one thing that they can do by themselves, whether it’s a back walkover, a backhand spring or around our back hand, Spring Tuck, something that they can do by themselves on a certain piece of equipment and then they can train that during the times that they’re away.

Um, we, something that we do at our gym, our belly drills, um, some coaches can’t spot falls and that’s okay. Some, some never will. Some want to learn how, um, but if they’re to that point where they can spot it and teach belly drills or, or just spin all the way through, there’s a lot of drills that we can, we can actually do without a coach there. As long as that athlete is able to self coach themselves and make those slight corrections and I always tell kids, hey, have your mom or have a friend record and then send it to me and I’ll, I’ll help you make those corrections

or we should have done our job yet enough to where we sit there and explain what it should look like to wear when your friend or mom videos you, you should know the correct technique. Especially on a layout you can, it’s pretty easy to tell if your butt’s out ran a pike or if your head’s out. So little things like that definitely take advantage of that conditioning. Little little role like hip roll drill. There’s a lot you can do

and so like like a thicker Matt for a belly drill. For example, if there’s no coach there, you can go round off, back handspring, set high and then turn those hips and land on a Resi is what they call it, a thick mat, um, on your belly. Something that’s tall enough so you’re not just free falling. But uh, we’re right, right? So that body control is important, but there’s plenty that you can do whenever we’re not there teaching you every little thing. That’s why our our privates are very proactive on, um, on you going back and working on your own and then coming back, showing me what you’ve learned and what you’ve, what you’ve perfected during that point. All right, next question is rusty. I’m tired of working back. Handsprings can we just start working tux or are apparent, uh, rusty, I’m sick of paying for you to just have my daughter do backhand springs over and over again. I know they’re not that great. Can we just skip it and just go to tax?

No, absolutely not. Planning simple. No, I actually, it’s funny we have this one on here cause I did have an athlete who isn’t isn’t a regular in our gym. She’s from a different gym. Uh, she came in, she was blocking on backhand springs and that’s literally what she said. She said, can I just work talks? I judge just want to work Tux. And I had to be very, very brutally honest with her and her mother. I said No. And I was like, I need, we don’t even have to finish the private. If you don’t want to. Like if that’s your mentality then you’re probably not meant for us. Like we do things a certain way. If you can’t do to back handsprings it’s going to be hard to commit for. A tech talks are even harder than backhand springs. So, um, I went out and talked to the Jenks Tumbling Lessons mother just hey, that’s not how we do things.

That’s why you are coming to us. That’s why you are paying us as to not do it exactly the way you’re doing it at the, wherever there had been tumbling, cause obviously it’s not working. Um, so they’re coming to us for a reason. So we’re kind of follow those guidelines. There’s very, very, very rare occasions where you move on to something else if they haven’t mastered it. We talked about this a little bit yesterday with me and Colton, sometimes a kid who’s been working at one to tech for so long and trying to lift, not doing layout drills, like learning, lifting and driving your hips will slowly help them set into their attacks. That’s a rare occasion. Um, backhand springs into tax, not a lot of the time.

Let me remind you that that is a choice that a coach should make, not an individual athlete to say, Oh, it’s time for me to start working on my layouts to help me set for a Tux. Or it’s time for me to start doing belly drills to help me set for layouts like Resi side. It’s very, very rare. Um, but that is a choice that rusty and I should make, not you and bring it to us and or were to another coach thinking that that’s what you should do. And, and it’s not, it’s not to keep you from going from, from that next to that next skill. It’s, uh, because we, we really do want what’s best for you.

Cause I’ve seen it happen where they do that, they move onto the next skill. And even if they’d get the talk, they’d never mastered the scope before and then they run into that same issue they were running into and backhand springs

and then they never want to go back to it. So once a kid starts working a full, if they don’t master their layout, did you think they ever want to go back to that, that layout know, like pulling teeth? Yeah. Yeah. And then they hate him. So anytime they even do it in warm ups, they’re just dreading it. Uh, and, and we don’t want you to dread any part of tumbling ever. All right, last question. And this last but definitely not least,

my Jim says I can’t tumble anywhere else. What do I do? We get that a lot. We’re not an all star gym. Uh, we’re, our name’s getting out there. We’re getting bigger and bigger. So, uh, we get this question quite a bit actually.

So my answer to that question would be that you are in most of the time, it’s an all star gym that says that, um, you are paying that all star gym to be a part of their all star program and far too often than not, uh, do all start programs, focus on individual athletes growth. And so if you, if you want to listen to what that, that coach says or at that gym and you only want to take classes there, I challenge you to try it, see if they offer anything remotely close to the same energy or the same detail or the same I like atmosphere that we have. And, uh, and if they do, then that’s great. Um, we, we would love for you to come to our gym. And I hate to think that, that, uh, they’re able to control what a parent does with their money. Um, I hate that they think that they can. Uh, but whenever it comes down to it, there’s nothing controversial that we teach. We get skills fast, we, um, teach skills properly. And the best part about it is that we make kids feel good about themselves while doing so. And I think that all star Jim’s kind of miss that other, other rec gyms miss that as well. They, they’re, they’re not honed in on the individual there. They’re more honed in on look out, look, well what skills we can get.

Yes. Um, it shouldn’t be like that. Uh, absolutely try. We’re at whatever gym you’re at, try it. But if you’re not progressing and you’re not getting the skills or your learning bad habits and absolutely you need to try something else, the worst thing you can do for your careers, continuing to do the same thing wrong over and over again. So coming out, trying something new, uh, we are going to be reaching out. I have, we have good relationship with some all star programs. We go to Missouri and work with an all star program almost every other month. Uh, and we’re being able to develop their skills and help their skills. Cause like Colin said, we’re, we’re just teaching good technique and safe tumbling. So I’ll start programs shouldn’t have an athlete or a problem with athletes coming in and doing that cause that’s what we’re teaching. So we are going to be reaching out because we want that good relationship with every all star program to where it shouldn’t feel like there’s a US verse them. Cause there’s really not, there’s really not a, we’re teaching safe tumbling. And that’s where if you care about the athlete, you should care about them tumbling safely.

And we just had a boy come into our gym not too long ago that we we’d been working with and he’s kind of taught himself everything he knows. So we are perfecting his technique, but we see a lot of potential in him. And so we even told him, hey, why don’t you try out all star? These are some, these are some good all start gyms around the area. Go check ’em out, calm and see what prices are. And, and so we are recruiting for these all star gyms. Um, and, and so they, they shouldn’t see us as any kind of threat. We’re just too humble. Uh, guys are just trying to get by with our little gym and a, and teach the best humbling that we can, uh, while helping kids grow.

Yes. That’s what we love our athletes. We get to know our athletes. That’s why that way when they do want to go to an all star program, we kind of know them and we’re like, all right, this all star program is probably right up your alley. This is a good fit for you or if this one might be better for you. Uh, so we want to be able to have that relationship with the all star program. So we know the programs to send them to. We know a lot, pretty much just from being a part of some of them. But we want to be able to know every program. Like, like you said, programs, some might not want boys. So if we tell a boy to go to a program and then I, we don’t have a spot for you, we would like to know what, what gems are looking for. So we kind of know what,

we don’t want to waste people’s time and, and, and we just want the all star gyms and the local area to know that that’s, that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re not trying to put it, we don’t have an all star program. I mean, some of these all star gyms around our area are world renown, or at least a nationally known for their programs. And, uh, and so with that being the case, they, they, we have nearly the reach that they do. Uh, so to see us as some kind of threat or something that it’s, it’s just weird. It’s weird and we’re not in competition with them.

And it’s like kids, if you tell a kid to do not to do something, they’re more likely to do it. So if you’re sitting there telling parents and kids are not allowed to do this, guess what? They’re doing it anyways, but they’re trying to be low key

that happens. Hey, eight, we’re coming over here from so-and-so. Jim, don’t tell anybody. Yes. But yeah, the gym at this time right now, because we can’t, we can’t be seen here. I hate that. It shouldn’t be like, that should be proud to come into hard, especially because the cheer world is super small. It shouldn’t be as catty as it is. It shouldn’t be as nasty as it is. And it is unfortunately. But we’re looking to change that. We’re trying to get this industry to a more uh, individual driven industry where kids are important, not programs. And as you care about the kids, your programs are going to grow to, your programs are going to be good because your kids are individually good. You’re not just picking and choosing which ones you want. So anyway, that’s kind of our answer to those questions. And um, we may do one whole podcast later down the road that is specifically about this last question about the all star Jim’s versus our gym and a gymnastics gyms versus our jam and things like that. So, um, stay tuned for that. And if you’re interested in finding out more about us justice tumbling company or rusty and Colton, you can check out our website. It’s justice tumbling co.com.

And if you are listening to these podcasts and you have questions, bring them up to us. Yeah, we would love to do like a weekly question and answer answers. Surf. We’re getting these questions and we want to be able to answer them.

Yeah, yeah. We’ll, we’ll put a post or something on Facebook and put a post on like our front desk. Say you’re able to see that and you can write down questions that you might have. Um,

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