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  • Overcome Fear
  • Discover Confidence
  • Skill Tracking
  • School Visits
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Skill Tracking

View Current Progress

No more delayed, written progress reports. We make viewing skill evaluations a breeze.
You will always know how your kids are progressing on their way to being a pro!

Let Us Come to Your School

There’s only so much one coach can do.
That’s why we bring two!

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Justice Tumbling Co.

Where your first month is only $1!

Tulsa’s highest and most reviewed Tulsa tumbling gym

“Rusty and Colton are very knowledgeable and always positive to all their athletes.  Both of these coaches focus on technique on each skill before moving to the next. It is not about how many skills you can do, but how well you can perform those skills.  Justice Tumbling Company is the best tumbling gym in the Tulsa area!!
-Teresa King, Parent”


“This is by far the best tumbling coaches I’ve ever had, super friendly and very good at what they do. They know drills and conditioning that will get you where you want in tumbling. I personally wouldn’t want to be taught by anyone else, I’ve know Rusty and Colton for a little while now and they are the best coaches I’ve had. 10/10 would recommend”
-Zaine Conley, Athlete


35 Years of tumbling expertise

We have zero ties to any all-star programs. This enables us to provide our classes and school teams with 100% tumbling technique that’s safe and fun. Without the bias, drama, or politics we are able to provide with the best Tulsa tumbling classes offered. Our team of dedicated tumbling coaches have the knowledge and work ethic that’s missing in today’s cheerleading industry. With over 35 years of combined tumbling experience and over 15 years of combined coaching experience, we come from a long line of training and success.

Are you an athlete or the parent of an athlete looking for the absolute best Tulsa tumbling classes offered? Look no further than Justice Tumbling Company. Tulsa’s only gym where your first month is only $1!



At Justice Tumbling Company, we know how important it is to you to feel comfortable about where your child tumbles, and the adults that will be coaching them. That’s why we offer a no hassle, no commitment, full month of tumbling classes for only $1. That’s 4, 55 minute sessions with us so you can get to see our character and the progress your child will achieve. We are confident that after the first month, you’ll never want to take another tumbling class anywhere else!

No one offers a deal like this one!

Join Justice today for only $1!


At Justice Tumbling Company, we aren’t only training athletes to tumble, we’re equipping them with life lessons that will help them achieve success in every aspect of their lives.



We use the last 5 minutes of the hour to come talk to you personally. We’ll let you know how your athlete preformed that day and update you on their overall progress!

Our strict, eight to one ratio for classes keeps it personal and organized.

We max out our classes at only 8 athletes. That way you know your child is getting the attention they deserve, and you’ve paid for.



Know Your Athlete’s Current Progress

With our skill tracking, we’ll evaluate your athlete each and every month to let you see their progress and what’s next in our curriculum. That’s just one of the many reasons why Justice Tumbling Company has the best Tulsa tumbling classes offered.

“Rusty and Colton are the best! They invest in their athletes as HUMANS and not just a sum of their skills! They have had a huge impact not only for my own daughter but for our entire school cheer program!”
-Kelly Walters, Parent and Owasso Cheer Coach



Justice Tumbling Company works with more high school and jr. high cheerleading squads than any other Tulsa tumbling gym.

With two options for how we work with your squad, being a Justice School is easy and affordable for everyone!

There’s only so much one coach can do, that’s why we bring two!

VIP- We come directly to you on a weekly basis, providing the best Tulsa tumbling instruction available. No other Tulsa tumbling coaches will take the time to diligently train your athletes to not only learn new skills safely and quickly, they’ll do so properly and on an individual basis. Technique is our focus!

VIP Plus- This is our best and most popular option. We come directly to you on a weekly basis and bring an entire truck full of equipment! Everything from panel and octagon mats, to cheese mats and even a 40ft airtrack! Let us train your athletes the same way we’ve trained some of the most successful All-Star teams! You’ll never find another gym with this option!


Call for school pricing!

Become a Justice School today!


With over 35 years of combined tumbling experience and over 15 years of combined coaching experience, we come from a long line of training and success. Our Tulsa tumbling classes provide the highest, most effective level of technique training with hands-on spotting and state-of-the-art equipment. At Justice Tumbling Company, your child will acquire a new-found confidence within themselves that will help them succeed in every aspect of their life, now and into adulthood.

“The Justice tumbling instructors are trained to assist beginning to elite athletes. They seem to take into consideration each athletes needs not only physically but also mentally. Thus, helping each athletes reach their individual goals.”
-Shelley Cunningham, Parent

At Justice Tumbling Company, our core values are probably very similar to the same values you carry in your own family.

FLIP: Family, Leadership, Integrity, and Passion

Our promise to you is that we will NEVER stray from these values. They are threaded into every aspect of our business.

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Monday – Thursday – 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM 
Friday – 3-30 PM to 8:30 PM
Saturday11:30 AM TO 4:30 PM
Sunday – Closed

*Disclaimer – Times do not reflect scheduled private lesson times